Can anyone be a vampire?

can anyone be a vampire? Can you be a vampire AND a black magician?(perhaps using the energy from feeding to power your spells?) i’m already working on my accent as a magicon but the pred path seems fascinating!! so i was wondering if they were really separate.

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Yes, you can be an energy vampire and a magician at the same time. Many here on the forum are.

I know several magicians that are.

It can be said the natural order of energy is to retain energy. Everything with mass is energy, so it can be said that it’s natural for anything with mass is a vampire. You can drain no matter what path you are on.

A secret to vampirism I found is the superstition behind what it means to be unseen in mirrors. Imagine everyone has a consciousness that is a mirror, doing a spell to break mirrors and blockages raises your level of telepathy and telempathy. You have a clear link to people’s subconscious mind and they are subsequently easier to feed from. This knowledge leads to a technique of visualizing a mirror being broken after circling a certain range of memories, in effect you can reset people’s mind like a servitor. I reserve this for spell craft with people, I can preform the law of concealment for them. Or cover my tracks of course.

Vamprism can feel good and make you feel powerful, but I found the most power in vampirsm is being telepathic, it helped me to talk to spirits for the first time. I did this by calling to my ancestors and meeting a “noble” dead vampire who was telepathic, immortal consciousness providing that this material plane is the after life and of course it would drain by haunting

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Its odd that you speak of mirrors. Just early this morning I had a dream where I saw a mirror and it was cracked. But i never saw a reflection in the mirror. The mirror was the last thing I saw before I woke up.

togive a short answer, yes

I like to think of Occult/Spiritual Vampirism as a sort of “specialization” of black magical practice in general. Many techniques are the same, the ethical considerations are similar, and the continuing practice and expansion of one’s abilities forces the magician/vampire to confront and overcome obstacles, assisting in his ascent.

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