Can anyone ask Lucifer a question for me?

I am very new to working with Lucifer and made my first offering last night of wine and a blood orange. However, because I am in crisis and have an urgent situation at work I am having trouble deciphering whether he heard me and is working on my problem. Does anyone here feel comfortable asking him on my behalf? It’s just that because I’m so upset it’s hard to read things right now. Thank you so much!


A better solution is to ask for a sign. Since your ritual is completed ask Lucifer for a sign that your casting will be accepted within three days and render a specific sign that you will recognize.

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Ya rather look towards divination…
Or just go ask him yourself…

He is very approachable… Always.


People here don’t really like talking to spirits on behalf of others. Spirits don’t like it either. As mentioned, maybe use divination…

Hi I am new to this forum, could you elaborate on what divination is and how to use it?

Please use the forum search function and then type a keyword (for example, “divination”). You’ll find many results about the topic.

If the spirits don’t like this then how a professional caster cast a ritual on behalf of others?

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Meh. Someone here asked dantalion about me and he(dantalion) said he wasn’t planning on working with me at the moment. Saved me the time and money from buying a bunch of candles and stuff for a evocation lol

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I believe professional casters have made pacts about stuff like that though.

Most spirits prefer for magi to put the work themselves, instead of choosing the easy way out, since magic isn’t easy at all. Though, there are exceptions of course…

You don’t have to spend money on that though, I never did and I summon spirits a lot, without any problems.

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I personally believe the best option you have is to approach him yourself. Lucifer is very open to those with pure intentions.


Yes, I agree. It’s just that I’m so “off” that I feel I would misread. Maybe I just have to ask him to be very clear with me. Thanks for the advice!

That is the problem. You are already having doubts in your intentions.

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You said he is ver approachable, I am going to be working with a spellcaster . I asked Lucifer for help with six things that I needed , I said if my doing my part show me you are real and do your part I need it done in three days I told him in conversation that everyone has let me down so I was coming to him fof help I had a good nights sleep . Im hoping he is real and will hear and answer . Have you ever talked with him like this

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I just speak to him like a real person and ask for his help, guidance, and protection. Some problems take more time than others to solve and with coronavirus everything is slowed down. I give him weekly offerings and just ask him for help and for things to be made right.

Thanks I figured if Jesus rose in three days then Lucifer could help me Im pretty sure I heard a chuckle when I said that I kept talking to him I noticed after a little bit my cat bolted out of the bedroom

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LOL… Yeah, I hear you! I’ve been told that Lucifer is very patient and understanding, qualities that I really need right now so that is what drew me to him.We’re both cat ladies, p.m. me if you want or can.

I have a beautifull black cat with red in her fur when the light hits it . I dont think he is as as bad as people say as soon as i figure out how to pm on here I will

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That sounds like my cat, she is black to chocolate brown undertones… I will try and PM you

Have you ever called on hecate

I have not… I don’t have any experience with her.