Can anyone ask Amon for me?

Can anyone ask is Amon heard and accepted my petition. I tried to contact him earlier this week, asked for him to come in my dreams to tell me if he’d accept my petition. That night I dreamt of my ex
And I together again with modifications of how we were together for the dream did not show that he was done doing some of the things he did when we were together the first time.
If anyone has connections with him, I just want to be sure if he accepted my petition or not. I don’t doubt what he can potentially do for me. Just not sure if he heard me Or accepted.
Anyone with a connection and willing to ask for me would be appreciated.
Many thanks. :blush:


He heard. I asked if he’s doing it, and he asked me if I wanted him to.

I have no idea, so I didn’t answer. I think this guy sounds bad for you but I don’t have all the info or right to choose. I asked what the situation was but lost the thread, sorry.

Can I pm you about it?

Yes, sure :slight_smile:

Hello! I tried calling him this week but I’m not sure if he heard me … can anyone tell me if he understood what I asked and if it is pleased with my offerings?
Thank you !!!

Can anyone tell me if amon heard and accepted my petition? I tried contacting him a couple of days ago and ask him to come to my dreams letting me know he accepted. I had asked him to help with getting my ex-girlfriend back. I am fairly new in the process of evocation. If anyone could help I would appreciate it. Thank you very much. If he asks if you want him to do it I would appreciate you telling him yes. I thought that things were somewhat getting better because of a few changes but things have gone downhill.

brother, can you ask for me, if he hear my request??

Amon? I’m getting a ‘no’ on that,… How did you initiate contact?

Ohh man. Yes, thank you. ill contact him later 10pm. Can you check later again?