Can any one tell who I am truly I am

Well I wounded if some one evocation me if can and tell who I am in hell

Evocation of Connor Flood

You’re a human with physical form, spirits are evoked.

only you can do that with a black mirror so fundamental :slight_smile:

There’s very little chance that anyone here would recognise you. The numbers of discarnate outnumber humans by trillions, it’s literally uncountable.

At another level there’s only one of us, and it’s us. You’re me, hi. :slight_smile: There’s also past lives to consider, if that’s interesting to you.

I can’t talk to the “hell” part because that’s not a real thing in my book.
It’s a number of temporary locations created in the human astral layers, and not really a useful concept unless you want to scare children into doing as they’re told.
Basically, in ‘hell’, it’s like a lucid dream - you can do whatever the hell you want to do. Most people go there to torture or be tortured for some reason - whatever floats your boat - not my bag.

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