Can another demon speed up the work of one demon ?,

For example, i asked a demon for something to happen in three months, but the demon won’t be able to do it in three months. Could it be in three months when i ask another demon for help speeding this thing up ?

Or you could ask why it can’t be completed in that time and learn something from the situation. Could be it will.screw.something more important up and trying to ramrod it through is a foolish thing to try.

But some entity may grant that, just to watch you have a “learning experience”. Or it may go off without a hitch and you don’t know why entity 1 delayed while entity 2 didn’t.

Much smarter to ask, but you do you.


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Yes , you are so right. I’m going to ask how soon it would be better to finish. Thanks

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You can use this too



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Seere is known for that. Also Lucifer in Lucifer and The Hidden Demons can bend time to rapidly bring a situation to its conclusion.


hmm. I was thinking of Uvall, who can control time for this job. Do you think Seere or Uvall is more appropriate to ask for help?


I don’t know if Uvall is capable in that matter and i haven’t worked with him. Seere specializes in speeding things up and i can vouch for him personally, so i would say go with him.

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Thank you

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