Can Angels be offended?

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I might be ignorant, but I want to share my thoughts.

A few years ago, I considered the idea that angels were something like robots, as in they have no free will of their own and just live to serve whatever God they work for. Though, eventually, I’ve contemplated that maybe they aren’t robots and have free will. They’re just dedicated to serving their god. They can decide how they serve, but they serve none the less.

I think you can offend an angel (God forbid), but maybe not in the same way you can offend a regular person. You can offend someone by targeting them personally. An angel may be so dedicated to their job, they may not care. But if you were to do something counter to what they do, be intentional, and do it enough times, then mission accomplished. Granted, I wouldn’t recommend it.

I can imagine he might be right. I assume demons and angels are of different energies. So, calling one using the wrong energies might bother them.