Can an Infernal king keep away another Infernal King?

I’m having issue with an Infernal King, we have a long relationship and a sort of pact, but lately he hasn’t respected a very important boundary that I had stated in the very beginning of our relationship. I don’t wanna banish him and undo our deal yet, I’m still trying figure this out, resolve things in another way cause he was good to me for a long time, still is, but I don’t want him coming at my home, near my family for a while, I wish to keep him away for a few weeks, as a “punishment” but also, mostly so I can try understand what’s going on without his interference. So I was think if the best way of do this would be calling another Infernal King and ask them to keep the other away. Would they do this? Does their powers would have influence on whether they would be able to do this or not?Through years I see many people believe that a King is power than the other, while others believe that all the kings have equal powers. I’m with the second group, but I could be wrong.
Or is there a better option to me? I didn’t wanna involve other patheon on this. Also I’m not feel comfortable in share the identity of this king yet.


No, calling another king is unlikely to help.

In my opinion, you need a higher power, one respected by the demon in question. If it is one of the spirits of the Goetia, for example, then you could call upon Lucifer to intervene, as he is the top of that particular hierarchy, and his authority is respected by all.


I would advise against using one Infernal King against another. It can be seen as disrespectful and puts a separation between you, while communication can be much better. I have had a similar issue with boundaries concerning Beleth. I worked with them for a very long time and when the issue came up I was both very taken back, as well as upset. The response that I meditated on was to treat them like my spouse when I was upset or a boundary was crossed:

I contacted them, explained my frustration, and told them I needed time and space to move past it. Very respectful and not spiteful. If one of your best friends crossed a boundary with you would you still want to “punish” them? Or would you rather let them know what you dislike and have them move on from there.

You can ward your house, and magically separate yourself from the entity in question, if that is your intent. No Infernal King needed. That’s just my take though.


You are free to create distance in the relationship without the intention of punishing the spirit. Chances are pretty good I’d say he feels the tension in the relationship too and may be struggling with finding a way to fix things as well.

Spirits Don’t always do what we want them to do but in this case you said you have a long and positive history with this entity.

I think for me bringing another entity into the picture to enforce some kind of artificial punishment boundary is not a good idea. Especially another Goetic King. They may just tell you no thier not going to get involved or it may infuriate or further alienate your pacted spirit.

In my mind your best bet would be to formally evoke the spirit and express your dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs and tell it frankly you need space to decide what’s going to happen next.

This decision puts you back in control of the situation and still respects your pacted spirit. If the. Spirit does not listen to your frank and direct evoked instructions it could be a signal the relationship is on the rocks and the spirit has actually become a hostile party and that the situation requires a different remedy. In that case I agree with @DarkestKnight , Lucifer could act as a mediator in that situation.

I really think finding out what’s making the spirit behave in an unacceptable way should be your top priority because perhaps the relationship can be saved. I know a good relationship with a powerful Patron spirit is a valuable thing to have.




It is covered by the others :+1:


Perhaps you could take break from him and start working with The Old ones instead? Demons respect them as I understand. Once a demon someone was working with said: “The Old ones wants to work with you now”. Personally I love Carl Nagels THE BOOK OF THE OLD ONES By Scorpio - Dæmonic Dreams Occult Books and Tools (

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I appreciate, but I did tried talked, this is been my last resource. Thank you though, I’m afraid that just ward my house won’t do the trick though, cause he’s powerful.

I appreciate your input on this. Yes, this is my intention, try find out his reasons, he’s not likely to do such things, but you know how spirits are sometimes, giving indirectly answers and such. Why I presumed a time a part would allow me to figure it out some other way.

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I never heard of them. It’s definitely worth the try. Thanks.

Thank you everyone for the replies and advises♡