Can an Incubus enter into a witch's life through minimal effort

I’m asking this because I had a very weird time these past few days including this one and they’re all signs of an Incubus’ presence (dream sex, waking up early, the prior two happening every day, and the fact that my most recent dream had led me to find hidden messages in real life that I deciphered via sepher sephiroth). I put Prince Sitri’s sigil on my altar one night to test if anything would change but it didn’t (which leads me to believe the Incubus was one of Prince Sitri’s or Prince Sitri himself). It actually all started when I set up my altar if that gives more context.
I’m planning on evoking Prince Sitri to find out about the identity and ask for the presence of the Incubus to officially seal the deal on this relationship.
But I also want a “second” opinion on this so I’m making the post to hear a more experienced practitioner’s advice on the issue.

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I wasn’t aware Sitri gave ubis.

Other than that, I’m not really sure anything you described could necessarily be labeled as signs an incubus was with you. Sometimes we just go through phases. Sexual and prophetic dreams do just happen- especially if your missing the point your mind is trying to make to you. In fact I’m pretty sure I had more of both prior to having an ubi, but different things can effect thst as well. Use of energy states like from Angel Overlords can increase my dream messages and direct them towards the topics I actually want to know about…

Call Sitri up and ask? Divine it with tarot or a pendulum or whatever method suits you maybe?


They can all be ubis, some more than others.

Ubis tend to bite and suck energy out of you, it tends not to be too much fun, is that what you are seriously looking for? and why?

As for Sitri he is quite the character, he is wildly kinky and maybe too much for some.
like animal play might pop up.

He is more of a one night stand kind of guy not usually into relationships from what I hear so you will need more than candles, but he will like red candles set up and be romanced that way.

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That’s very true all entities could be considered sexual entities. Thus we be calling them incubus or succubus.
But it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s one of the last two I mentioned. Those feed of sexual energy, whilst other entities not necessarily.
Not exactly like that but something like that.
Although to answer your question , any spirit can easily enter your life at any given point. Although it appears to me because of what you said that this is no incubus. But most likely just Sitri, testing the waters.

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No actually it does imply that. I don’t know why people haven’t figured that out yet?

Not all sexual beings do that but many demons DO do that.

Sitri has never bit me but we also never spent much time together.

I hear he usually doesn’t, again maybe not for some who knows

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