Can an entity heal or (like remake) eggs for a sterile woman?

Do you think it’s possible ?


Ask Freya… I am not sure though

I read spells of wowen gwtting pregnant, and a lady ony city who gwt spells for fertility, i gess depends bcse some invoqe godess, godes most are pagan. Wicca and Greek.

I guess it would depend on why that woman is sterile.
Does she still have a uterus? If not, no.
Does she have hormonal imbalance? Sure.


I agree with Helena, it would entirely depend on how the woman is sterile.
It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to reach out to a entity known for fertility. Even if they can not necessarily help the woman regrow the eggs, I would not fret to much as they could recommend a out of the box method or way of thinking that would not normally cross someone’s mind.

For example, I had to have my uterus removed when I was 25 due to health complications so I can’t get pregnant. For me I wouldn’t expect a entity to help me regrow my entire uterus, but I still have my ovaries…so in theory a entity could help with other methods such as overseeing and ensuring that methods such as IVF(in-vitro fertilization) or uterus organ transplant, go smoothly and everyone remains healthy.

If it is the case of no longer having ovaries so no longer having the ability to produce ovum/eggs. That is a entirely different complication as most scientific research suggests that humans are born with a fixed number of eggs and that the body does not have the capacity to grow new ones. That being said there on going scientific research, that is still very new, but it involves a process similar to Nuclear transfer (cloning) where a scientist would remove the already present DNA from a unfertilized egg and replace it with with new DNA. In this process if the woman no longer has eggs they would use a donor egg remove the DNA from the egg and then use a process known as Haploidisation to make a new haploid cells from the woman’s DNA. A new haploid cell would then be injected into the DNAless egg creating a genetically them egg for the woman. That egg would then be fertilized with sperm and then be implanted into a uterus. This process is complicated and is outlawed in most countries but there’s an episode on the Netflix series called Unnatural Selection that covers the process if you want to learn more about it.

In the case of Entitys, they might not necessarily be able to help the woman naturally regrow the eggs but they could help in other outside the norm methods. Such as with the human networking side of things, by putting the woman in contact with a geneticists who can modify donor eggs to create new genetically them eggs for the woman. They could also help to ensure that entire process proceeds smoothly and that everyone involves remains healthy.

TLDR: I think an entity could help depending on the circumstances, and they could present you with a method/process that wouldn’t normally cross someone’s mind.