Can an enn be used similar to a mantra?

Can I recite an enn similar to reciting a mantra. Or are enn’s only used when invoking or envoking?

When I do mantras I usually do 540 or 1080 (5 to 10 malas) with usually no asking for something specific only to say hello, and inviting the energy of specific entity to enter my life.

Can I do the same with an enn? I would rather not have an entity hanging around and getting impatient or pissed off and thinking " alright buddy I’m here now what the f%$k do you want?" :slight_smile:

Thanks all.


An enn does NOT evoke a demon. It simply invokes its energy, so it is similar in this way to other mantras like the Hindu Bija.

Many people here use the enns in this way.



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