Can a witch have relationships with more than one entity?

I’m mainly asking because I have a feeling I’ve already been visited by an entity (I’m betting on it being an Incubus but it also could be something else) yet I still want to draw an Incubus spirit intentionally.


Why not? Do you think they get jealous?


the Ubi’s can, they are very dedicated, and loving, but as long as yout open, and communicate with them, their a great companion, lover, and powerful friend


I believe that would depend on the entities’ views.

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Well sure you can have many relationships. Not just romantic (as that’s the general vibe that I’m getting from your post), but also platonic ones as well! However yes it’s also possible to be in an open relationship per say. However every entity is going to have their different preferences just like people do.

I gotta start reading the dates…