Can a spirit not work for you if you don’t align with their energies

As the title says. Angel workings usually don’t work for me.


Same for me, I used to “work” with archangels before but I never get any results… the other day I ask Lucifer to calm my mind the after day I was feeling quiet.

I’m not mad. I’m more curious

What i meant is that I get very fast results with Lucifer whereas archangels seemed to don’t give a fuck about me.

I believe in magickal pracitces it is important to strengthen your shortcommings like any other field as it will giv eyou more acess to the field in general maybe working with angels is harder becuase you know little about them or have little faith in them.

Try getting outside your comfort zone to start experiencingt what you want. Arch Angel Michael is a very strong powerhouse who has always been good to me.

Angels can manifest as E.T.s as well so maybe that approach will be better for you.

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