Can a spirit block your spiritual senses?

It’s been a while since I post something, having too much homework. Anyways, I’ve been questioning myself if a spirit can block our spirit senses like seeing spirits, hearing them, etc. I’m asking this because after every try of evocation, I do not succeed. I’m a bit worried that Sastan has blocked this senses on me. Please, could anyone give me an answer?


How long have you been performing evocation?
These things take time to develop (astral senses)

I’ve been performing evocation for well over a year and still don’t get full manifestations.
But I realized that lusting after the phenomenon instead of results will get you nothing.

Call a spirit,issue a task and dismiss it even if you can’t see it.

The best way to open your sight to spirits is to just keep evoking.Don’t give up.

I’m just now starting to see vague outlines every now and then and only if I’m in pitch darkness.

I’ve worked with Sastan and he’s been nothing but good to me.
He once told me “You have viewed the spirit world your entire life.Every time you close your eyes and see images you are viewing our world.DO NOT mistake this for imagination”

So I doubt he is doing that to you.
Just go into the ritual expecting your goal to be accomplished instead of just wanting to see the spirit.

Scrying into a black mirror has helped my sight ALOT.

The physical manifestation of spirits doesn’t happen as quick as it is marketed to.

Keep it up and you will start to see changes.

Good luck!


That’s interesting TheEye.
What were your experience with is?

Do the spirits do it to be cruel or is it a form of teaching?

Have you succeeded at evocation in the past Ruben? If not, it may be that you just need to keep practicing. It can take years to get visual manifestation for some.

In terms of a spirit blocking your abilities, it’s a possibility, but an easily dispelled one. Any proper banishing before evocation would resolve that issue. I’d recommend memorizing EA’s “Ashtu malku ta dat arkata…” chant and using it as a banishing. In my experience, no astral entities can remain after using it. It does not work on human spirits however (again, based on my experience).

The third possibility is that you are keeping yourself from successfully evoking. Perhaps your higher self or subconscious is holding you back. It may be that you are not ready, or it may be that there is a subconscious fear present that needs to be dealt with.

-Frater Cervus

There is a possibility that YOU are blocking your own senses. The greater YOU may be shielding the lesser you from something. I have recently discovered, thanks to a divination by a very knowledgeable member of this forum, that this has happened to me. I would recommend you do a divination as to the source of the block, if there is one, and then proceed from there.

Thanks guys for your answers. I had this thought in my mind because someone ( I dont remember who) told me that i made an evocation with Sastan. But i didnt quite have comunnicated with him. I actually have tryed to scry onto his sigil. And i believe that i did it. But if i did an evocation, i think that Sastan had kind of blocked my senses. If há did, what should.i do? Thanks in advance

Sastan would NOT block your senses. He’s not that kind of spirit. Every experience of him has shown him to be very willing and friendly towards those he teaches. As my previous post advised, do a divination, or get someone to do one for you, to confirm if your senses really are blocked. If so, then you can proceed with the who and the why. But before asking what to do, first you need to confirm that some external force (Sastan or something else) has indeed blocked you.

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Yup :slight_smile: How did you know?[/quote]

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Yup :slight_smile: How did you know?[/quote]

Rubens Neto… a pretty brazilian name lol. I live in Sao Paulo, you?[/quote]

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