Can a servitor be used to effect behavior online?

I saw this on a GoM website:
*Servitors of influence, to stir thoughts and feelings in others.
Then I saw this post, where it talks about a spell to get more social interaction “likes”

I am looking for a way to effect visitors to a website.

Could a servitor be used to “stir up thoughts and feelings” through the internet.

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I had this idea, but not with servitors. Yes it can be done with servitors.


I don’t care if it is with a servitor or something else, is there a good resource I can read on this?

Where would I start my research?

A Sigil might work too, but my sigils are all the AO Spare Sigils
(for skeptics, like me, stop, Spares Sigils do fucking work, and they work quite well as a matter of fact)

But I see the Spare sigils as working my subconcious.

Is there a way to get them to work on someone else’s?

I am also informed that every institution/organization has a spirit - if the internet has a Saint than I think it likely it has a spirit too.

Anyway, where do I start my research on making people like/trust a website.
(effect it using Magick - my SEO has gone as far as it can go)

If you ever seen those cult mentality forums (not the good kind) that’s basically a servitor, the mentality is what feeds and affects the thoughts and feelings of those within said forum.