Can a person be possessed completely?

Let’s say I don’t have the courage to do something major and a demon is willing to help me with this task. Is it theoretically possible, with my permission, for this demon to take complete control over my body and act in my stead for a time? If so, how would one go about achieving this?

Any invocation is a light possession that says it all. If you want complete possession that is very possible too but the dark God or demon can have or not an interest for that.


There’s a topic about this already on the forum, personally I dont believe a being can take over your body fully. I do believe they can enter your body and control it to a minor degree, but this comes from my own experience in testing it. However, who knows.

You can try the book" the black witch "by Enoch Petrucelli there are possession rites and yes demons help you through it by developing certain talents


Practice makes perfect. Got to get possessed for starters, then keep getting possessed until it becomes complete, if possible.
Cumulative effect.


Astaroth dragged me to hell so I could get my husband back, so yes, and then she tried to resolve a lot of other stuff because, after all, my husband wasn’t just leaving me for no reason, although it seemed like it. The greater cultural issues played a big role in it.

It started off that I saw him disobey the “laws of physics” with some weird stuff. But it was also really unpleasant because he was going to divorce me and wouldn’t tell me why.

It was awful. I was really psychotic, I believed a bunch of things that were not true and has visual, auditory and olfactory (smell) hallucinations. She could basically just order me around and make me do stuff I would not have done under any circumstances with all of that.
Before she did it, she had a bunch of tests for me though, about “perfect love and perfect trust” and before that she really gave me all these strange (but highly personal) insights, many of them I typed up in a document.

My husband thought I was “fine” because he gets really oblivious about seeing things from another person’s perspective. It has to do with the crappy way he was raised by his parents (a mom who never listened to him.)

All I had really done was take the grimoirum verum sigil of Astaroth, and wear it in my bra like it says in the grimoire, and then Astoroth dictated the rest of the rite in some sort of ad hoc manner, working to match what she could do to the current circumstances.

I ended up, after days of this, in the psych hospital, and my son in foster care because it took a while to reach my husband. As I look back on this I see all the poor choices and lapses in judgement I made, where things got out of control before I even contacted Astaroth about it. So, yes, complete possession can happen, but it is serious business and I would highly suggest to avoid it in most circumstances.

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Complete possession IS possible. Don’t ask me for details, but I do know it for certain.

A very few extremely successful people have admitted, that they’re doing this, ie. musicians on stage where a spirit takes over. And, if someone has difficulty to believe that, I’ll share just this: I myself had at a time let a spirit take over my hands fully on the piano and it improvised musical pieces with ease, so different than what I would.

In other circumstances, it happens more violently. And often, it can be a rather unpleasant experience, if the spirit is able to gain too much control over one’s body. Even when it hasn’t yet reached the full possible extent in such cases, it can be life-destroying in the worst case.

In every circumstance, this is a thing that is closely related to one’s free will. And why would one willingly “give up” their free will, even if partially and only for a time, and take all the risks and dangers associated with it?

Because, there are dangers involved, especially for those not advanced in quite some skills, or in protection, or in psychic war and so on.

This is quite a very different level, than the light possession mentioned in regard to invocations.

I don’t get it, why would one want to allow such complete possession to happen for some benefit or outcome? Which benefit is worth, running in so many possible dangers and risks? It’s not, that complete possession is the “easy way” to achieve something without putting the effort yourself (=anyone) into something - in case this is the movivation behind it. Such an “easy way” is even more dangerous, as it may open the door to tricksters, because in what some perceive to be the easy path, they happen to throw away the necessary precautions they would have to take and not seldom, haven’t considered all things or have all required knowledge - especially, when something goes horribly wrong. Usually, for almost anything there are other better ways to achieve the outcome desired and much safer ones.

My reason is this, which I didn’t know if I wanted to say publicly, but I guess it’s no big deal. The more I’ve reflected on it, the more I’ve realized that I don’t want to be in a male body, i.e. I’m on the transgender spectrum. But for all sorts of reasons I’m utterly terrified of actually going to a gender clinic. And I know myself… I’m never going to get the necessary courage. So I want a spirit to possess me for long enough to actually get me through an appointment to get hormones prescribed.

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Astaroth sweet talked me into it. Admittedly I found myself faced with trying to do the impossible, but I was already experiencing things that are not supposed to be technologically possible, so I figured why not? Apparently, I was already losing my best judgement. It did not start off too bad, but it eventually went into a full fledged trip into hell and insanity.

I had a lot of stipulations and I was not sure what I could even negotiate anymore. Any solution seemed like something else undesirable would happen. I didn’t really want to make any sacrifices but I do have a certain hierarchy of values. Astaroth is a master negotiator. I had actually for once before I went through with it actually considered hiring a professional practitioner (something I would never consider under ordinary circumstances, I do my own work, and in the given circumstances I may yet do) This wouldn’t have been a traditional love spell, in the sense it isn’t that my husband doesn’t love me, its that some shit went down at his last workplace and completely fucked him up. He is still fucked up from that shit and wants a divorce (although since cutting down on the monster energy drinks
he seems better.)

When I was possessed by Astaroth, I went to a hell world where people were in proprietary robot bodies. That is, they were teleported there somehow after death. The government basically controlled things like the production of robot parts and the chips. After a while when parts wore out and you couldn’t get replacements, that was it for you. You got some kind of cards of currency based on how many people your direct ancestors helped and my husband had just renewed his license to walk around.

The whole thing was beyond fucked up. I mean, I felt like it was a huge mismatch for my consciousness and these things weren’t really alive in any meaningful sense, it was like some kind of bad simulation of life, cause all the live people got killed by a virus. I remember trying to limit what I drank to slow down the wear and tear on the robot parts. So, I mean, I don’t know if being transgender is like that, but lets just say robot hell world sucked.