Can a magi help me achieve some things?

I have been reading the new avatar power and it states you can call on another magician to help you in reaching one of your goals?

Is there anyone persons on this forum who specialize in helping others ?

Not with any rituals but for them to do the rituals on behalf of me?


  • inessence

I’m sorry to say that, but we don’t operate like that.


The main site has rituals for hire. These forums are more about helping you become a mage yourself.

It’s not impossible that someone will step in and offer… it may help if you told your story to give them a reason to want to.

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Thanks for that, heard of anyone getting success with paying for those services?

Yes. Some of those stories are right here on this forum, however it’s not a good idea to talk about active workings until they’re done.

Hi @inessence

I have read that book as well. I would suggest you can call on your Magic Mentor which will assist you. Probably not the best answer but you can work with it. :slight_smile:

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