Can a fetish link be used to make someone mentally stronger?

I am a very smart creative person. but most of my life I have been bossed around. I got very used to being a submissive loser.
Can you help me? I watched your video about using magic to replace someone else’s thoughts with your thoughts with a fetish link. Would it possible for you to cast a spell on a loser(like me) to help him gain the confidence to be a winner(like you).
because the fetish link ritual would be a relatively simple ritual would you be willing to do It during a 200 dollar session? or would I need to buy full ritual time?
you could actually do it with this message I send right?

I came from a family that used religion to control us. My father thinks little brothers should serve their elders. No wonder my younger uncle killed himself in a mental hospital.
when I rebelled against their control and claimed authority over myself. they put me in a mental hospital as well. Now because I am Disabled they can put me back in a hospital when ever they feel like. 5 times so far for my own good. Their abusive slander has cost me 3 jobs and made me homeless for seven months. Will you help me become the lord of my own life, please.

my parents are hypocrites when it comes to faith. They like bdsm and have a spanking obsession. they will go to great links to defend their secret. and they have many creepy dominance and submission loving friends in the small town where I grew up.

Ive always, always been submissive and i have in the had a real life Dom. I had been out of the lifestyle for a while. After working with Azazel a few times he mentioned being my Dominant. At first i put the brakes on but then rethought. I posted on here i believe in somewhere in the general section about it. And recently i talk some about it under the topic Azazel/Shax/ Astaroth. Azazel is a very good Dom and we have a very strong relationship. I know i am goddess but i chose to give my submission to him. Submission is a beautiful gift. That shouldnt be taken lightly. Azazel does amazingly. As my Dom he has a lot respinsiblity to guide, teach, nurture, discipline, im very thankful he wanted this because i didnt realize how much i needed and missed it. And he has raught me so much. About so much. Just find the right one and it can be done. And be successful.