Can a demon be cursed?

My question is just that: can a demon be cursed? Either by a human or another entity?


If they are powrful enough they can, I personally witnessed beelzebub destroying a abyssmic threading spirit.

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Additional side question for this: would the cursing of a demon be likely if it were a situation of a human vessel having a birth guardian (demon) but at some point, becoming “possessed” by another? One of a more deviant, destructive nature…

Anything can be cursed, even humans have the power to curse a demon, demons aren’t all-powerful beings that are above everything so it’s a fact even other entities can.

What do you mean?

If a human is born with a guardian demon but at some point early on in life, the human unknowingly becomes host (possessed) by another entity (demon or otherwise)… And that other entity wanted to “get rid of” the original guardian.

Ah then yes it can be likely.

Technically they’re all cursed; They’ve adapted to it though so it doesn’t hinder them much now.

I believe E.A. cursed an angel. So I think it’s possible a demon can be cursed.

Maybe by using ceremonial magick to summon demons, we as magicians, are continuously branding a curse upon many entities.

Some of you who have more intimate relationships with the beings some call demons can sympathize.

Demons can be cursed.
They can be cursed by other demons, humans, and themselves.

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Why do you ask this all? Do you seek to consecrate a demon from a curse?

Yes, OP! Some types of demons are even created by curses or mutate after being cursed. It’s super interesting! :slight_smile:

I mean, you can always throw a glass bottle at a train. Likely similar affect.

@SeirsWife From what I’ve heard from a more experienced magician on YT only other entities can do that to each other and I also saw what @silverfirefly talked about, that E.A. has cursed angels and specifically did damage to a specific angel at Abaddon’s book/work but that was only possible because he learned that from a demon, obviously (probably from Abaddon himself).

I have no idea how could a human ever curse someone like Belial for example LOL!

It would be like an ant trying to get revenge against a human.

Even if we got a horde of deceased people or a horde of aliens to curse him he would still have his own horde and his own gigantic power to protect himself lol. I think that a human cursing a demon could only end in shit and nothing else lol