Can a deity cure an hiv patient?

Is there any spell are ritual can cured the sick with hiv aids and bad sick ness


How to evoke ? I really want to fully understand the evoke process please help me with the evoke

Not exactly the same, might help you or might not.

I got cold sores when I was a child (don’t know how), which are a form of HIV. In order to deal with them I looked it up online and discovered that the virus infects a specific set of nerves along the face and into the brain. So I utterly wrecked the shit out of that nerve. Haven’t had a cold sore for the last ten years.

I’m thinking that AIDs probably is more full-body, so that method might not work, but maybe you can hit enough areas fast enough to make the symptoms reduce. Basically the first part of what I did was try to sense for the virus, each individual one. Then I sheered apart the viral envelope, the physical shell, and they started to die. Rinse and repeat as needed.
Of course, even with all this, that part of my lip is still permanently damaged. If there is some excessive temperature or other disease that affects the immune system or skin then it will still be affected, but it won’t be the same as an actual cold sore.


Absolutely wrong.

Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus, specifically herpes simplex-1 (herpes simplex- 2 causes genital herpes) NOT HIV, which is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. They are not even close to being the same thing.


Hard qi gong claims by eating vegan and super foods and special technique that you can reduce the virus to minimal detection
Apparently so it is claimed


Thanks for the correction. I’m not sure why I had that idea in my head, might be because they are somewhat related.

I don’t know if this is against forum rules, but giving medical advice when not a licenced practictioner is very dangerous. Remember that we are magicians and not doctors. Always see a doctor first.


Yes, I would advise the OP to always seek medical advice and if a person has the virus, to always protect others from transmission.


I understand that yes! My brother if your mom sick right now and u can help her with jus believe and with your intention, wouldn’t u seek help? I am not really seeking help here, i believe i was to be here, i have many gift from mother nature and i am going to accept my inner part and go forward with all magic 100% i have no fear…

I know direct energy healing can cure just about anything if the magician is skilled enough in its use. I have heard many accounts of pretty much everything being cured even cancer and had quite a bit of success curing more minor illnesses and repairing delicate organs from trauma. However, I would say that something like HIV would be akin to mastery level with years of experience to completely cure it through such means.
I recommend looking into TCM and energy work related to QiGong and carefully study the energetic anatomy of the physical and astral body and how various diseases impact it. Also look into elemental magick as that plays a vital role at least in my variety of practice and the effects of different colored energies and vibrations.
As to spirits you have your standard range of general healing spirits I would also recommend vampiric spirits with an emphasis on shapeshifting as they tend to be very good at manipulating the body and energy in ways that are extremely useful in healing work.


I get what you are saying, but the fact is that there are frauds out there who only want your money. People have died because they trusted the word of a fraud over a qualified doctor.


Look for this its by atomy hemohim it cures everthing dont belive it try it and massege once you get better also collidal silver and oregono oil super strenth peace love gratttide

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Look up ‘apsaras, yakshinies’. Invoke them as sister, mother but never as wife or lover. They will help you. I did not mean to stay away from medicines and pills. Apsaras also heal. See prophet 666 apsaras , yakshinies. . . . Strictly stay away from one specific yakshini named “karna pischani”.


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