Can a curse really be a "sacrifice"?

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I’ve been reading The Complete Book of Demonolatry by S. Connolly and I read something that put my brain into overdrive. It’s the following statement:

‘Curses can be and are an acceptable form of “Sacrifice” as long as the person being cursed is deserving of it’

I seem to have some mixed feelings about it, because I do see how people can be “bad” enough to deserve cursing. I’ve cursed, but there’s always been a selfish part: it made me feel better to curse, it helped me to let go of anger/frustration, it gave me the idea that if the person would be punished they would not harm other people anymore.

I wonder how other people look at this statement. Do you agree that a curse could be a sacrifice? Then which part is the sacrifice? Is it the energy you put into it? Is it that you’re pointing out people deserving of some celestial spanking? Is it something I’m completely overlooking?

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I really don’t understand this: curse and sacrifice…how did they relate?

Curse, a form of sacrifice…

I can see why that would be lovely and convenient, it lets people shift blame to the victim for “deserving it” and fail to accept personal responsibility for wanting what they want.

I think that’s weaksauce.

More than that, it flat out doesn’t work ime. Any sacrifice that is not willing is not a sacrifice by definition.
It’s just an offering.

For something to be a sacrifice, the operator themselves has to really not want to give it up, or they give up something they would rather keep, but between the two results, they want the other outcome more.
That can include giving up a friend as an offering - then there is both sacrifice of friendship and the offering of life.

But offering an enemy? - meh, it’s ok but not up to much as energy goes. Sacrificing an animal - that he’s not set up to keep anyway, maybe he sacrificed the cost of buying it, but who cares.
In these cases, the operator hasn’t sacrificed anything they care about at all.

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U can cast a spell to kill ppl, and those who die become sacrifices that pay the cost of an offering for ___________________…No comment further.

They say deserving, but thats moralistic bs

You sacrifice a part of your soul… Weakness… Dogma… Fear…

You lose fear, you cripple urself…js…Humans need to have fear

You don’t have to validate shit… When something obstructs your path you erase it with fire

I think he meant cursing another person as an offering.

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To add on this you cannot completely lose fear… But you can learn to control and even use it…
Fear is a function meant to help all creatures

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Well that would totally depend on the entity he/she is dealing with

That’s really like that cause the wrathful Gods of Azerate they want to see that the witch is a strong individual, nothing like forgive and forget but curse. Rhp is about love agape and groups. LHP is about 93