Can a curse follow you? a place of evil and a demon experience provoked

i was in the military stationed at this place in japan. there was over 300000 deaths confirmed there at on point. me and my friends heard of this abandoned hotel that not even the locals go to at night. we went being curious and i provoked something to come out. on our way down the mountain staring at me and my two friends was a shadow figure( a demon ) with lava red eyes that were florescents red and orange bubbling. 3 people can confirm this. we froze it appeared actually manifested itself. our eyes could not process it. it spoke to me in my head. i believe it is connected to belial in some way. we ran down the hill and back to base. we then went back the next weekend. i felt sick in this room. i experienced dejavu and felt sick. i saw everything go white and then flashes of dark clouds of purple demon gas. i woke up in my room bloody and dirty. my friends said i spoke languages, wrote scribes in the dirt and tried to throw people off the cliff that were dragging me away from this place. it was worse than any miltary experience. ever since i feel wierd things at times and feel like i opened a door that isnt shut. i am of eastern hungary gypsie descent but i dont practice magic. i just know that i have witnessed a demon in front of me and other people saw it. all this stuff is true all of it. how do you uncurse yourself.

Find a super funny comedian on YouTube and laugh, a lot. Laughter is the number one cure for either oppression by a negative entity or being cursed. It raises the vibrations in the area and creates an atmospheric blessing that brings joy, comfort, and healing.

But, if you have no sense of humor :wink: then just put wards around yourself. The best way I’ve heard to do this is to visualize men in armor and intend them to be protectors of you. And every day for the first month, redo the visualization daily. Then redo it weekly, then every so often. Eventually, you will have a very powerful Astral ward in place.

thanks a lot. im willing to try anything. like i said before it doesnt happen all the time but occasionally i feel being watched or weighed down. that makes sense ill try it thanks.

could you post some info about what hotel this is? Next time I’m in Japan I might check that out.

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