Can a candle be cursed or negative by bad spirits

Can a candle be cursed by negative spirits or be negative by them.

Sure they can. In candle magick, the magician charges it with the energy of their intention, so there is no reason why a spirit can’t do the same.


Sure thanks can anyone tell me more about this.

What do you mean specifically ? To offer an explanation to a few questions you might have , if I put the sigil of a negative entity on a candle , my workings with it would be boosted , if you mean you want to curse it so others would have consequences if they use it, putting said spirits sigil on it would do the same , if you told the spirit you wanted that to happen

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If I have negative spirits that are attacking me.
Can they curse my candle on my shelf or in my rituals?

Yes , in such a case it would be wise to banish

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Thanks @NailOH @DarkestKnight
Can the carved Algiz rune or Nyd run dissipate the curse on an unlit or on lit candle?

If you think a candle is cursed, the easiest thing to do would be to just throw it away.

If you don’t want to do that, then sink it in a bowl of salt for twenty four hours to ground out any and all energies within it. Once that is done, you can consecrate it with an energy of your own choosing.

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Can Algiz clean the candle from the curse
Drawn or carved whtigaut weaking up the rune
And whether algiz works whiteout waking up?

Salt it first then use algiz

Good idea