Calming someone down

You have someone who is progressively negative, irrational, and has no control over their own emotions. Their negativity is generating harm to others. This works best if you can touch them, or if you’re in close proximity, if not that’s fine.
The best entities for this in my opinion are those of water, nature, and of love. So Aphrodite, Eros, Leviathan, Poesidon, and any other nature spirits.
You invoke the entity of your choosing, pull your astral arm out of your heart chakra, and place it on theirs. As your astral arm is on their heart you send love and cooling energy throughout their energetic system. This will cause a spike of adreniline in them if they are very pissed, sort of like a reflex. Don’t worry just keep visualizing.
Now vibrate the name of the chosen entity and see calm and loving energy coming out of your arm. This will calm down most muggles within seconds. If you need extra push you can evoke them into your circle. Good luck and happy hunting :slight_smile:



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