Calming my chaos,calming a tornado

so lately i have been meditating on my heart chakra,i dont even remember my self feeling “happy” literally.i always feel a chaos on my heart,full of anxiaty,sadnees.anger.i always doubt my self,i have consider my self worthless on the past,but no i sunk deep to my heart i witness my chaos,my flames,my hell.i let my self there.i was the ship crushed by the waves of an wild sea,i was the tree burned by the flames.i let my pain crush me. like i got i thought that reminded my of an phrase from the book of azazel by ea koetting,amazing book.azazel said "before thing brought into your control,you must name it ,a fusion could not cure a disease you must name it first."so i got my journal and i named my feelings, sadness,anger,a big anxiaty and lot more. all mixed up i named them,i named them,they are out now.i let them flow into me crush me ,and named them, then in a course of minutes a huge pain and weight from my got out of but i still need to do these kind of exercises.
i feel on heart as an never ending hell pit.