Calming down a violent subconscious

Hello Everyone,

So I wanted to write this in its own separate thread but I have alot of suppressed violence in my own subconscious mind things that I absolutely blocked out and refuse to really go into any detail.

But my question is how would you confront each aspect of your subconscience that is so terribly horribly violently bad and absolutely “free your mind”.

My recent work has allowed me to see each individual thing that has destroyed me throughout the years mentally.

Just wanted to clean my mental house.


Pray to The Archangel Gabriel

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I plan on doing some of these things you suggest each aspect was a traumatic event for me so it could be easy to confront each one individually

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welp…synchronicity at work again.

Thanks for the info on the books.

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I would agree with @anon88521623’s list above. I also suffer with a wealth of suppressed inner rage that stems right the way back to my early childhood.

I have also found that a strict daily meditation regimen, combined with dream documentation helps me to cope with my violent rage. I am also a musician so I frequently allow my emotion to come out through playing my violin as I find this helps.

I very much hope that you find something that works for you and helps you cope with these unpleasant feelings. Best wishes.


Try this ritual out. I have been performing this for 55 days straight. This could help with your thoughts as well as empowering you


Try working with Azazel.

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