Calling up the Spirit of a Murdered Drug Addict

Tonight I called up a Spirit whom I encountered back in my highschool days. She was a woman addicted to drugs who was murdered by her drug dealer. I’ve always felt a dark energy coming from her and from her place of burial. I asked Exu João Caveira to provide me with his protection and I asked Exu Sete Cruzeiros to help me raise her spirit into my temple to give her the spirit home of a carved idol. I sung the pontos of the Exus and they showed up. The air chilled despite the candle covered altar and the Exus whispered in my ear their instructions and advice. I then began to conjure this dead woman’s shade which responded to her picture on the altar. The air became even colder and I could sense a sense presence behind me. I offered to burn candles and incense for her in return for her help with tasks. She agreed and took residence within the Spirit home. I warned her that if her presence caused me any trouble that I would throw the spirit home with her in it, into a river. Her first task is to attack an enemy of mine who has recently turned to becoming a drug dealer and afflict him with addiction to his own supply. I just wanted to share an experience I just had.


What does that mean ?
What’s the shade

Well there are several meanings of the word shade. For some it means the semi consciou remains of a human spirit and to other’s it simply refers to a disembodied human spirit. I think it’s personally somewhere in between and it depends on a case by case basis whether it’s a full human spirit or just a shadow of something that once was.


I did something similar once. Some rather bad people were in the neighborhood and they had raped and murdered a woman and buried her in their yard. I had no evidence or any way to report it and it would have had to have been years ago but I could feel the shade and since these people were such an aggravation gave a little empowering so she could take her vengeance on the ones responsible.

Did you ever find out what happened to the rapists/murderers?

The three directly responsible have completely vanished, haven’t seen them in almost two years. Unfortunately the rest of their group is unaffected though I know why. It is because they weren’t involved in what happened and have no idea about it I think they moved in at a later date with the original three and have just taken over from there. The shade ran her course though and is satisfied with whatever happened to those responsible so the rest are more my thing to deal with.

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Necromancy can be tricky. Human spirits are more stubborn than demons for sure. If they don’t want to do something, then by gods they won’t do it.

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Yeah but in this case we both wanted the same end goal as it were so it worked out rather fine. Most of the ones there now are new people. Still same sort of meth head crowd but different people to deal with. Been wearing them down myself a bit.

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Maybe that shade would be willing to help in return for offerings :thinking:

Maybe but I don’t sense her presence anymore. I think once she got her justice she moved on.

Now this has to be some of the most poetically beautiful and brutal technique I have heard in a while. Bravo! I hope this works out for you, please do a follow up if it does.

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I’ve always been taught to leave intrabquil sprits alone. My cousin died of a drug overdose. I have him on my boveda and asked him for help with a situation with a girl I wanted to fuck at my job. I gave him a hienejen as an offering and asked him to help with the situation. A couple days later the girl got into a fight in the parking lot with 2 girls then I never saw her again. I think u can use intranquil spirits but only for bad.

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Yeah, they’re no laughing matter. And it’s probably best not to keep them around as servitors. Learned that the hard way.

Well hopefully everything worked out for you.

I survived luckily lol. The spirits warned me of the problem so I cracked the whip and took care of it.

That’s good. I don’t Ness with anything other then Palo any more. I have Sarabanda and Mama Chola in Ngangas so I don’t need to work with anything else.

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