Calling up earliest ancestors?

hey, guys.

I was wondering whether any one here has attempted to communicate with our earliest ancestors, from the first single cell all the way through to the first fish, first reptiles, first fur-covered mammals all the way up to us.

and is it these animals that are actually what we’ve come to call demons, spirits, what ever?

what do you guys think they’d have to say? what would they think of the likes of alexander the great, the emperors of rome, etc.? what would they think of us, of the modern world?

the first time I posted this some thing went wrong, so this one is a little shorter and less detailed. but basically, these beings are our great-great-great, etc., ancestors.

what do you guys think they’d have to say about us, their great descendants?

I’ve done some work like this because it;s encouraged in core shamanism to find your own creation myth and your own “first shaman” myth etc., I have a feeling everyone needs to do it themselves to get meaningful answers, it’s worth trying. :slight_smile:

hi lady eva! thank you for answering.

I’m subscribed to a science channel, so after watching the latest video, (about how the earth formed and came to be the planet it is to day) I got caught up with watching other videos, one about how we came to be and the other about the evolution of skin, believe it or not. fascinating stuff.

so it got me thinking - what would happen if people tried to invoke, evoke and call up the spirits of these, our earliest ancestors - animals of lesser intelligence than we, who none the less, helped bring us in to existence.

I wonder what they would think of us, their children, basically. I mean, as funny as it may sound, these animals are our great, great, great, etc, grand parents.

and I wonder if the spirits, demons, what ever people care to call them, aren’t actually the spirits, that intangible essence we call “soul”, of these, our earliest ancestors.

when you did this, what answers did you receive from them, if any? or is this too personal, too private a question to ask? if so, my apologies. : )

I’m just curious, is all, and I don’t think I’m advanced enough to attempt some thing like this. while I’ve "dabbled " - and yes, I’m aware that some people take offense to the word, “dabble” - in magic, I’ve not really gone too deeply in to it.

any way, thanks again for answering. : )

It informed my later decision to investigate the Left-Hand Path, because they told me that life wasn’t a cosmic experiment (or even error) in which obstacles exist to stop you finding your way back to Source, but that life was a glorious expansion, into newer, more diverse and complex forms, NOT into simplicity and detachment and so on…

I mean you see this in every pattern of manifest life, more complexity, more inter-dependence (gasp, oh ye would-be monks and nuns, hermits & renunciates) it’s like, we’re only alive right now because of the bacteria in our guts, the long-ago viruses etc whose DNA we share, the marvellous complexity that makes us all different.

So you can see I’m not willing to get into too much detail because it sounds like I’m stating that a yoga-bashing LHP philosophy is THE one our ancestral life-forms and so on wanted, which I believe to be true, but that’s UPG for ya… :slight_smile:

I agree about the life having to expand thing you stated. it’s like, life MUST express its self, it can be no other way.

and I do think yoga, being a form of meditation, after all, can help with spiritual awareness or what ever you want to call it. plus it’s just darn good exercise, and keeps the body supple.

but I do agree mostly with your answer. : )

and I do believe I see a hint of eloquence in your words.

Some of the journeys we did:

  1. go back to “the creation” and observe, find your own creation myth(useful for understanding magickal geometry in my case, since the universe unfolded along geometric lines when I saw it - other people might see different things, but they’ll be meaningful for you);

  2. journey back to the First Shaman, the earliest human (or proto-human) to consciously draw down energies and walk among spirits for the benefit of their community - that’s emphasised in that paradigm, I guess a black magician could equally go to the first black magickal action or maybe investigate the lore of Cain?

  3. journey to the earliest male and female ancestorsa, ask them for their wisdom - most useful, including the parents who’s opposite sex to you.

You could expand all these to ancestral animals as well, and even find out what changed us from animals to humans… :wink: