Calling the help of other Vampyres!

So being a vampyre and magickian for almost five years now, I know the importance of energetic links to people in order to curse or control them.

Please read my article in the Vodoun section:

However, since it has to do with energetic links and such, I figured my fellow chi-suckers could help


Im interested in working with lamashtu n invoking the undead gods but Im not a psychic vampyre ,would they help initiating as one

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Just curious do psi vampyrs dream? I’ve been virtually lost on even beginning to answer this just from observation alone.

Why don’t you simply put a siphon into each person that you’re trying to command and control? If you can put enough of your essence into their aura, it should be fairly simple to get them to come around to your way of thinking.

Kind of what I do, I’ll send out a tendril that will punch into their aura, I’ll drain as much as I possibly can, then I’ll push a little bit of my energy to their aura, then I will withdrawal, and I will do this every couple of days until the person becomes more agreeable.

Usually, by this point, the person has already gotten fairly sick, and is more susceptible to outside influence, that means you.

Just my two cents on the subject.


Brilliant :thinking:

Look, you may be a pure being, but that doesn’t mean anybody cares.

There are people on this forum that are true power houses, people on this forum that are absolute spiritual hardcore badasses. There’s even a few people on here that I won’t step Toe to Toe with, and I have a fetish for driving myself directly to the Edge of Insanity.

I’m only saying this in response to what you wrote right here.

I’m not calling you out, I’m not trying to point out a flaw, I’m merely stating that we tend to respect each other’s paths around here, be it vampiric, Christian occultist, Druid, shaman, demonolatry, chaos magicians, all are welcome here, don’t try to pick a fight.

If you have something constructive to add to the conversation, feel free, but understand that even if something is not your path, you really don’t have much room to tell other people that they are wrong and call people second-rate.

Again, nothing but the darkest blessings, and the brightest light for you and yours, this isn’t an attack, consider it a friendly notification from a friend.

Respect, unknown.


How long does it take you to drain each person from a distance while they are sleeping? How do you know if you drained them correctly?

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Yeah, not at all; Nazarene inferiority.

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How do you know if you are breathing correctly?


My question is this: When I wake up in the middle of the night and then visualize pulling on an astral tentacle to one of my enemies, and then I visualize myself as Tiamat and chomping into the person’s neck and devouring them, while imaging myself sucking in their life-force as I breathe in—How do i know I drained them correctly? How am I supposed to feel?

What we have instead of trying to enforce “respect” or police for thoughtcrimes is GOOD MANNERS, so I state this to clarify the whole issue.

It is bad manners to go on someone’s topic and begin mocking them or moralising, etc., it leads to further argument and will be removed (or usually, flagged by the community anyway).

This is a different thing to the current mainstream notion that we must and should control others’ internal reactions and demand “respect,” “tolerance” etc., effectively demanding internal psychological compliance, because the rules on here address the behaviour that is permitted, while not attempting to mandate the thought processes, or emotional reactions, of others.

On here people are responsible for their actions (posts made), and that is all: I have no interest in trying to police why they made them, anyone may freely seethe with contempt over any post, but what they may NOT do, is come on here and be rude.

I state this just to clarify, and remind people who may wish to be rude on the basis they believe their thoughts are impeccable: the forum rules are solely about action. Your conscience and soul is your own business. Thanks.


Again, how do you feel when you breathe consciously in a very controlled manner?
I think this question can answer your questions.
Are you a born vampire or do you drain for other purposes? Just out of curiosity.

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Not sure if I was born one or not. I’m just a big believer in prana or chi. A few years ago, I made some orgon energy pyramids with quartz crystals, minerals, metals, and could feel the difference in the energy…

I started studying psychic vampirism like 6 months ago when something told me that someone was feeding off of me. Some days I would just feel drained…Now, I consciously try to drain my enemies right as I’m falling asleep.

When I feed, it feels like my brain seems to work a lot better…