Calling Papa Legba [Updated] and Biagué(Obi/coconut) divination

Last night, I called Papa Legba at last. I am not good at drawing, so I printed Papa Legba’s Veve and I put on it below another white paper , I traced the lines using a black market following instructions from The Spider and the Green Butterfly (Drawing with Three Hands), I also lit a black candle. While drawing with three hands, the Veve was glowing with a white light, paper and even table disappeared and reappeared, I felt dizzy, when I had to state my desire/purpose, first of all I asked him to grant me his permission because I didn’t want to be disrespectful either with him or with spiritual world, I told him why I was calling him, that I heard and felt Loas and Eleggua(Papa Legba) were calling me, I asked him to accept me, that I wanted him to guide me and teach me , that I want to be a good seer(so ask him to unlock my spiritual senses , clairaudience, clairvoyance), that I need protection, help with my business(unlock physical world, prosperity), so I asked him to fix my whole life, unlocking spiritual and physical world. I ended ritual, thanked Papa Legba for his presence, for helping me, fold the Veve and put it in a closet. I was dizzy, got a weird headache(it was like my head was vibrating but not aching, not bothering). It sounds like nothing special.

After calling Papa Legba, I went to another room , my room to call Belial, I’ve been working with him to help one of my sisters and my brother. It was different, when I was gazing at Belial’s sigil, I saw like waves over it, and it opened very fast. Afterwards I went to do third eye meditation I have been practicing for about 11 days, from the very moment it began , my third eye start vibrating, actually my head was still vibrating, I felt a man standing up beside me. I wen to sleep but I couldn’t fall asleep, my head was vibrating, all of my thoughts and ideas were “talking” to me, then a voice told me what to do to solve two problems I have (one problem of mine and a problem of one of my nieces), he told me to use the multi-purpose Veve from “The Spider and the Green Butterfly” and how to use it.

It was hard to fall asleep, my head, sensations, etc. Even my dream was weird, I saw my family and a lot people, it was a little dark, and sensations, feelings and vibrations still there while I was dreaming.Today it’s been a good day at work, last week was awful. I brought the Veve with me. I feel weird today , but weird doesn’t mean bad, I feel so real good. I will continue contacting Papa Legba, I will do what he told me to, and I will update this post soon.

Thanks to Papa Legba.


Nice work! Can’t wait for the update :smiley:


Last night, I called Papa Legba again, this time I was going to use the multi-purpose Veve to solve a problem of one of my nieces. I lit a black candle, I used the Papa Legba’s Veve ( the one I activated last night) and drew the multi-purpose Veve. I activated Papa Legba’s Veve first, it was not as strong as the first time I did it, this time I felt it was harder to activate it, I even played a track recommended by C. Kendall but it didn’t work( I stopped it, I was losing focus), the Veve was glowing a little, I called Papa Legba, thanked him for his presence, for helping me, for all and ask him to help me empowering the multi-purpose Veve. When I began to activate the multi-purpose Veve, both Veves, Papa Legba’s and the multi-purpose were glowing. I modified the protection statement from The Spider and the Green Butterfly to better suit my purpose ( to protect my niece, her little shop and even I asked it to take someone’s far away from her life, he’s being a horrible person with her). I thanked Papa Legba again, I asked him to continue unlocking my spiritual senses and spiritual world, I also told him , I want him to teach me and guide me and even to be like friends if it wasn’t disrespectful. I was dizzy and my head was vibrating, when I was about to leave the room, the flame candle sputtered and a line of smoke came from it. I am very respectful so I was afraid that I had done or said something wrong so I came back to the altar and asked him to please forgive me if I did wrong. I tried to leave the room again and it happened again he flame candle sputtered and a line of smoke came from it. I came back again to the altar , gazed at the flame trying to see or hear something, nothing happened so I left the room, what could it happen? what could it mean?, I want to know your opinion.

I went to my room to call Belial, again sigil had waves, lighter than last night, but it opened fast, I ended this ritual, the Belial’s candle, I usually use Yellow but this time I used black, this candle was also sputtering. I went to meditate (third eye meditation) , it was good too, my head and third eye was vibrating again like last night.

I went to sleep with my head and third eye vibrating, I even heard sounds in my ear( like tinnitus), I had weird dreams again, it was a little dark and saw many people, many places but I couldn’t see clear. Today, I gave the activated multi-purpose Veve to my niece and she paste it on a door of her little shop far away from sight ( it is hidden). I told her it was to protect her but I didn’t tell her about whole purpose of it. By the way, my head and third eye are still vibrating.


This is awesome and you haven’t even really used traditional veves. They’re usually made to be put on a surface using moistened flours and corn meals

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These two last nights I have continued calling Papa Legba, it has been like other nights, nothing much has changed, I mean, it’s still being an amazing experience. The two last nights my dreams have become clearer, I can remember them. I have also activated another multipurpose Veve to protect my little shop. This week my business are going better, my spiritual senses are improving. I feel totally good, thanks to Papa Legba.


I have a routine, at least for these days, I call Papa Legba, call Belial and go to meditate (third eye meditation), so I am going to talk only about the major changes. I am still feeling third eye and head vibrating, but it is not as strong as the first days. Last night I have a wonderful dream, it’s was very long but to be breaf, there were people in trouble, even I, and I realized that I could open doors to another places and to spiritual world to help us. I also have asked Papa Legba if he wanted some offering(like cigarrettes), and in my dream I received the answer, he does want cigarrettes and perhaps some candies(mints).


Yesterday I was astonished, amazed and even incredulous. I have a small shop, sometimes police and public workers of the mayor’s office come to the mall where my small shop is, they come to check small shops to have documentation in order, the main problem is that in my country these kind of people (public workers and police) take advantage of their authority, so they do not only ask you the necessary documentation but they also wants to ask you documentation you don’t need to have. To be clear, in my country, most of people do not even know their constitutionals rights so they think all that either a public worker or police tells is always just the truth and I also have to say that I am not into anything illegal, but my little shop has always been visited by them, and when I say always is always, I have had this small shop for 8 years.

I did this. So police and public workers were even at the small shop next to me, I was thinking I was the next, but they never came. Thanks to Papa Legba, The Veve is supposed to protect you from all evil and "to hide you and hide your home / work place ". That’s what happened, so I am amazed because this is the first time in 8 years they did came to my little shop.

I bought cigarettes and candies(mints) as an offering to Papa Legba, I am very grateful. At night I called Papa Lebga, I thank to him for all, I still don’t have words to tell how thankfulI feel. I smoked a cigarette and put 10 candies (mints) on alter, I smoked the Papa Legba Veve’s and another multi-purpose Veve I have activated. I felt a little dizzy, the Veves were glowing, after this I had pain in the soles of my feet all the night.


Shiiiit bruh that’s in every country. The police state is alive and well for what it’s worth and they gon abuse they’s authority but that’s where magickal authority could trump them. And the pains in your feet is a very good sign.

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hello, please can you tell me why it is a good sign? anyway, as I said I already have a routine, so I am working everyday to improve.

Well, I believe it’s indicative of some major energy work throughout your body and should result in superior grounding and centering capabilities later down the road, or even immediate.

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Last two nights in the routine, after calling Papa Legba and after calling Sabnock, I went to meditate (third eye meditation). I feel a warm sensation on third eye, very warm.
I still have pain the soles of my feet after calling Papa Legba.


Have you ever had to experienced those popping sensations in the third eye regions?

I sometimes have this sensation that there’s an energy block there and I’ll push with my psychic senses until it busts through the blockages. I know it’s happening because of the pop.

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Actually I have felt many sensations as I have described but sometime I really feel as if I have a little blockage, as if voices (my clairaudience) were silent, when I try to “see”, “hear” or “feel” something, I feel a little blockage. I don’t know what it could be.

Don’t think I have stopped working with Papa Legba, every night I call him, because he’s the gatekeeper, so I always call him first. I have been working with him and with Mamam Brigitte, I have been practicing Biagué (Obi/Coconut)divination always asking Papa Legba to guide me. I have successfully read for a few people. I have felt that my intuition is improving. Thanks to Papa Legba.