Calling out


Before evoking does it seem like the entity you are planning to evoke “calls out you” ? For me its like it almost obsesses my thoughts until the evocation… Just curious if this is a common occurrence ?


i think that is part of two way street when one is immersing oneself in the entity one is to evoke.


I have a serious problem with obsessing, even just doing sigil magic days after the demon is hijacking my thoughts! I would like to know how to control this.


Work with more demons, as opposed to just one. Demonic obsession/infatuation can be a big obstacle to your development. There is a lot of writing on this.


I know what you mean, I’ve been woke up from a dead sleep with a demons name running through my head. I’ve opened sigils and felt a strong desire to open them again as soon as I finished, like it was calling out to me.


I know what you mean, I’ve been woke up from a dead sleep with a demons name running through my head. I’ve opened sigils and felt a strong desire to open them again as soon as I finished, like it was calling out to me.[/quote]

That’s what makes detachment so fucking hard! I mean after performing a ritual your suppose to forget the outcome and just let it happen. When I was young I could do that, but now its a different story. I had performed sigil magic with a demon named Vassagos, and one named Bune. Vassagos was a much tougher animal to forget, maybe I should not be using goetia demons at all for now. But where to find info and sigils on lesser ranked demons?


I had no problem trusting the ritual was complete. Breaking the bond with the entities was another thing. I had the demon Asteroth whom I had not worked with come into my dreams and wake me up hearing it’s name repeatedly while having ridiculously strong sexual desires, I controlled them the best I could and would resist the urges but gave in one night when my fiancé was in the bed. The sex was strange and primal and I didn’t think of her as my fiancé or lover but more as an offering. As soon as it was over I had a wtf moment and snapped out of it. Afterwards I had no more thoughts of the demon or the strange sexual urges. While planning to work a spell Dantalion filled my thoughts and the urges to immerse myself in any and all I could learn about him consumed me.

As far as the attachment to the results go I generally feel more at ease about them when I feel an entity calling out. I feel like the work is being taken care of. It’s when I have no work planned and keep getting the call that I begin to worry.


i’m experiencing the same obsession right now. oddly enough, it’s an entity i don’t particularly enjoy working with, although they have come through for me in the past with amazing results. i had one of their sigils laying around from a recent evocation (as i was debating on whether or not to retire it), but as i destroyed the sigil with fire this afternoon, the “call” seems a little further away. also, i don’t feel like i’m being watched anymore (as in, watched from across the room, where the sigil was. it wasn’t threatening, and once you get used to it, you don’t notice anymore. still, i didn’t realise how not-normal that kind of thing was until i retired the sigil).

i’m intentionally working with other entities for the time being, but i’ve already decided that i will contact this spirit again in a few weeks. that removes the anticipation and urgency to evoke, as i know roughly when i’ll be doing it, and what i’ll be doing in the meantime. if you don’t set these guidelines out in your head when obsession begins, eventually it will get the better of you, and it’s as strong an addiction as anything you’re likely to find.

kind regards, james.


I’m really beginning to see why people advocate practicing outside their homes. If I had the available space to have a temple away from home I would definetly invest.

Funny that you mention feeling watched, lately I’ve been feeling something watching me, it is not threatening or intimidating at least not yet. It seems to stay in my hallway leading to my bedroom where my alter currently resides. Sometimes I can faintly see a form in the hall other times only a feeling of presence. I banish less and less these days and when I tell the presence to leave it does so. Communication with the presence is nonexistant, I’ve tried with no results except that it leaves when told but eventually returns.No one else in the house seems aware of it so I keep it to myself. I’m torn about giving my home a good cleansing and banishing one side says to do it the other side wants to see what develops. As much as I would love to see what comes of this I will cleanse my home, I have others here who don’t practice and putting them in the same environment with an unknown entity is not fair to them.


@TheWanderingFool - I know what you mean about working with these demons/spirits at home. I never had much of a problem until my wife started hearing things in the house when she is all alone. I keep telling her it is just noises from a vent, etc. but I don’t think she believes that. Unless you want the entity to hang around, I would do a cleansing.


The last time I had to do a good cleaning she saw something in the hallway of our house. She was brushing her teeth in the hall bathroom and saw something pass going toward our living room and then hang back not entering the room. She tried to play it off because we had just watched a ghost movie that night. She then saw the same thing pass back by her going back toward the bedrooms. Our bedroom and her two daughters rooms are all at the end of that hall. I had not been working with demons at the time or really any entities to be honest. I was working on improving psychic perception and just general folk magick centered around some legal stuff we were going through.

I had seen a strange face after performing a spell one day, it was white with black streaks or vice versa and looked very tribal and was more humanoid than human, it didn’t give off a sinister presence or anything like that more like it was just there. Later in the month I saw th form of a man holding a sword standing in front of me, when I opened my eyes he was still there for a few seconds and then vanished. He felt like a guardian or protector making his presence known to me.

I happened to be doing a home blessing/protection spell one day when the candle I had burning for protection had its candle holder shatter. My fiancé freaked out about it, I told her that it just probably got too hot as I let my ritual candles burn themselves out. I went through and cleansed the home and to ease my fiancé’s mind called my grandmother and mother to come through behind me and cleanse and bless the house. I also did this because I didn’t want something feeding off of my fiancé’s fear.

My girlfriend felt immdietely better after all this was done and hasn’t had any complaints since. The kids never complained or commented on anything and were not home when the house was cleared.



Interesting that you mention how your wife saw something after watching a ghost movie. I have reason to believe that watching these kinds of movies or TV series relating to hauntings kind of acts as a gateway or portal to the spirit world, even if they are ridiculous, fraudulent or even based on true accounts. I’ve certainly noticed way more activity in my home during the viewing or just after, provided the setting is right. Strange sounds, presences, the usual stuff.

Possibly the trance-like state that watching television can produce combined with scary stimulation of the program and the temporary suspension of disbelief required to actually enjoy the show could be a reason to why this happens. I don’t know for sure but it is something that I have noted many times in the past. I apologize if I derailed this a little but I found your experience really interesting.


it makes sense, djinn. if the viewer is tired, it lends to receptivity. a sudden rush of adrenaline could launch the thoughtform.

i once startled my aunt who was sleeping on the sofa, and the moment she opened her eyes (with a start), the TV went right to standby mode. the remote was on the other side of the room and it’s never happened before or since (at least nobody has mentioned it when they were watching TV). the explanation is simple in this case, albeit unusual. the brain is an electromagnetic powerplant, and thus in deep enough trance (i.e, dreamless sleep), even the high infra-red frequencies could be accessed and amplified with an adrenaline rush. if the amplitude was high enough and the frequency (or frequency sweep) was in the right zone, it could plausibly mimic those produced by a TV remote.

i’m trying to figure out how to record the frequency and possibly amplitude of infra-red devices like remotes etc. if i can apply this to those produced (i.e, emitted) by the human body/brain, i can measure them to see what effect meditative and trance states could have. if it’s successful, i could change stations with my mind =)

well, it would make for an awesome research paper anyhow, even if it’s not a feasible method of controlling one’s television. it would be a great party trick, too.

TheWanderingFool, i wouldn’t worry about performing ritual away from home. entities tend to follow us around if they want, and it’s only their impression that gets left on physical things like walls and floors. that said, if you’re not worried about the entities themselves but their residual energy, then yes, working away from home would be better, although do keep in mind that you will have things follow you home whether you like it or not (until you banish them… although this gives you the ability to banish the entity while keeping the residual energy in another place. cool idea!).

have you thought of one of those self-storage units? not entirely “cheap”, but a space large enough would be well worth it. around here it works out at around $1800/year. that’s a pretty big space though (something like 3.5 yards x 4 yards). the advantage is that you can leave your stuff set up for a whole year, locked, and never need to cleanse the area. also, there’s not going to be anyone around and you have 24/7 access. i’m thinking of hiring one out for a month just to practise every night (i.e, like a 30-day pact) and see what i come up with. great value at only $5/day:)

kind regards, james.


Does anyone use Red Lights during any form of ritual?? I think it use to be popular among mediums back in the day.


@Virdon I’ve thought about people actually launching a very weak thought form when in those situations. That’s one of the main reasons I banished when I did, I didn’t want her fear feeding something.

One other thing to consider is that I had just bought my home which was a foreclosure, so I’m sure there was already some residual negative energy from the last residents. The stairwell and the hall always had a cold feel and my dad told me after the house was cleaned that he never liked my garage before the cleansing. Nobody has any problems with it now. Also my home is located very close to a max sec. prison that I used to work at, it’s so close I can hear the inmates laughing and talking when they get rowdy and I can see the lights and windows through the trees in the winter. Wandering spirits could be a possibility due to the negative emotions and the deaths that occur there from violence and sickness as well.

Damn…after putting all this together I’m surprised my damn walls don’t bleed lol.


That’s an interesting idea, if one could measure the frequency and it was somewhere near what the brain was able to produce is theta delta etc I could see how this could work

As far ritual space goes I’ve thought about the storage building before but really don’t have the disposable cash right now. There is a state park very close to me with a bike trail I’ve thought about going down it after dark and performing rituals there.


I always thought the red lights were more for atmosphere than anything else. It could very well have a specific purpose it I’ve never heard of it.


typically any kind of sensory input would change the functioning of the brain. coloured lighting included. there were many reasons that colours were used, and i personally have used red lighting for atmosphere, but there’s a certain something about only being able to see in monochromatic spectra. red and blue particularly as they completely override colour in the environment. yellows and greens tend to tinge everything those colours, but with red and blue, everything is a shade of that colour, which is an impressive and disorienting experience. for those kind of rituals, it would be best to not have to read off a script as reading is extremely hard on the eyes under those lights. also, candles detract from the atmosphere, so perhaps only one (if any) should be used as the gateway between worlds (that is, fire being the gateway). unless you have a coloured lampshade to match or something.

just a thought.

kind regards, james.


Red light, just like green light, can improve the concentration and facilitate the process of memorisation. But the difference is that with red light the brain is more prone to send relaxation signals to the body. So your body is relaxed and your brain is functioning faster. Theta-gamma sync can be reached easier that way.


i thought red light caused anger and agitation, and pink light was relaxing?



The pink light is relaxing but it doesn’t have the effects of red light 'cause it can cause more relaxation than it should to some people.
Red light can indeed cause agitation on some levels but if your intention is to relax, your brain will process these signals for relaxation but on a deeper level your brain functions just like before, if not faster. The anger and agitation frequently comes when these two conditions (relaxation and synchronous faster processing of external -or other- stimuli) overlap.