Calling on the wrong entity through sigils?

Hi everyone,

I’ve decided to start working with Azazel, and have a burning question on my mind. He appears to have the same sigil as the seal of Saturn (planetary kamea I mean) so if I open his sigil would it contact Saturn or Azazel? I’ve run into this issue before with ipos from the Goetia, when I was looking into Egyptian deific masks, he and Anubis had the same seal according to a few sources…so anyone who’s worked with Azazel (and/or Saturn) could they clarify?


I didn’t use the seal to contact him originally, so I probably don’t have anything useful there, but I can contribute that RavensAscent on here posted some videos with a chant for him, which may help make your intent clear (pending more helpful answers of course!) - this is the thread: Azazel’s Dark Chant To Awaken The Inner Black Flame.

“Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel” comes from, I think, the Book Of Azazel, which I haven’t read, but there’s an audiobook version of it which may also help attune you to the correct spirit:


➔ Download MP3:

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Share this with as many black magicians as you can. We invested a stunning amount of resources into its creation. Long live the Left Hand Path!

Finally, Azazel gave me an exercise, I’ll include it for completeness: DARK SELF ~ Exercise From Azazel.

Sounds like it could go either way according to the way you understand it.

Include an extra reference point which pertains to Azazel. Could be an alteration to the sigil, something significant about the location you do it in, or some kind of magical implement.

Like if I wanted to evoke an image of a bathroom starting with a sink as a symbol. A kitchen has a sink too, so I add “toilet” to narrow the possibilities. Sink+toilet=bathroom.

All a seal is is a key and guide to pull the right general dimension to you and help open a portal to it. If you focus on Azazel and help steer the sigil then youll reach him fine. You should try to use it as a tool to help making calling him easier appose to being guided by it completely.