Calling on Sallos help?

So i think I’m going to try to call on Sallos soon. I’ve been reading DOM and it says what you ask for should be one thing and phrased in present tense?
How can that be phrased as one thing if what I ask for is for someone to unblock so we can reconcile and let go of the past? I feel maybe I just don’t get it?


Have you tried Dantalion to manipulate their emotions so they only think positive thoughts of you, remember only the good times, let go of the past and moves to unblock you so you can patch things up and reconcile?

I’ve never only asked for one thing, I’ve always asked for help with the situation in general and outlined my requests. I’m not saying not to try the way you want to do it, I’m just noting I never only asked for one thing.

To answer your question though, if you want to try Sallos using the method you described, maybe word it, “Target is reminded of the good times we shared, unblocks me and we reconcile, strengthening our relationship.” You can always just talk to Sallos and tell him how you feel and just make your request known. I hope that helped a little.


I freaking loved your suggestion, and honestly, it leads me to believe you have some work done with Dantalion yourself, if so, I’d love to learn about it :slight_smile:

Sallos, great and power entity, I think you’re to verbalize this one request in the present tense; the best way to do it would be to put it like this: Lord Sallos, I wish to have X-Person unblock me, and thank thee for thy aid, I can offer X in exchange


I’ve used Dantalion in the past for that very reason. My target tends to slide back into the past and remind me of the things I did to hurt him, so I called on Dantalion to get him to snap out of it, remember the good times, the positive things, and to focus on the here and now. So far so good. I absolutely love Dantalion. I’ve been working with other spirits, but Dantalion is one of my favorites.


Demons of Magick is set up in a specific way to make it beginner friendly, because beginners like to add everything plus the kitchen sink to their request thus either slowing sown or stopping altogether the manifestation of their desire.

If you are going to use that method, I recommend not detouring from the instructions. It is NOT the same type of system as simply opening a seal and telling the spirit what you want and not simplifying the request as suggested in the book may lead to muddled results.

I have not tried dantalion. Is it better to use dantalion vs Sallos? Or just one before the other?

How important is having the petition encoded? Is it a must or just makes the connection stronger?