Calling on Queen Beleth

Been having a bit of trouble calling on them, trying for two days. When I called upon King Beliel, it was almost effortless and I felt like an electric charge, which is about all I’ve ever felt when attempting evocation.

When calling on Queen Beleth, I felt a tingle for a second maybe.

Bit of background, I’m driving a truck for a living, no access to supplies such as incense or candles for at least another two weeks. I have been making use of the satan and sons enn videos. (Basically a picture of the sigil while chanting of the enn plays)

What I do have access to is pens, notebook paper, tobacco, blood. My thoughts have been to make a sigil myself, and try charging and opening it that way.

King Belial was the first demonic spirit I tried contacting, the ease of it was fairly astounding. Even with watching a simple video, I saw the sigil flash.

Queen Beleth has been problematic for me using the same medium. Anyone have any advice for calling on her, or insight as to why there would be such differences between the two?


It can happen that there is a difference. Some times it takes many tries to call them and feel they have heard you. Though I think that is a bit of the difference between the two energies, Belials is more of like a freight train or can be. I have found Beleth’s energy to be softer, ‘tingly’ can sometimes describe it. I have found insense helps but not necessarily necessary. Beleth originally approached me so the first time there was no incense or calls, and other times I have called with out incense. Anyways how has it been going since?