Calling in the cavalry

Hey there, brethren! I have a bit of a situation and decided I’d try calling in the cavalry/BALG Army…

It seems as though the company I work at has been acquired by another company, although nothing has been broadcast to employees as of yet. I do know, however, that people are interviewing for their own jobs. If you’ve ever seen Office Space, it’s a case of “the Bobs”.

The Best Case Scenario, for yours truly:
The company is purchased for $1 or more per share. I have 8 years of fully vested options. This would provide me with a nice chunk of change, which I could use to repair recent financial disaster. If I kept my job and my regular paycheck on top of this, that would be fucking RAD.

The Worst Case Scenario:
The company is purchased for $0.01 per share. My 8 years of stocks are worthless. I lose my job with little or no severance pay and am, consequently, fucked.

I could use all the good juju anyone might be able to offer. But it has to happen fast. I suspect that we’ll know our fate sometime this week. This is the perfect time to strike, while the reality of the situation is still malleable.

Big love and appreciation for anyone who can contribute to the Best Case Scenario playing out!

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I’m in. Message me and we shall discuss.

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I was just replying to a group chat and figured I’d update this plea thread as well…

Apologies for the delayed response.
Well, I lost my job. The company was acquired…or more to the point, the assets were. The company was dissolved and 90% of us were let go.

I’m currently unemployed, living off of my retirement fund. But all is not doom and gloom. I knew it was time to move on from that place and I had stagnated; there was nothing for me there anymore. Now I have plenty of options. I’m going to do my damndest to not wind up in yet another mindless cubicle job. If I stay in tech, it has to be at the managment/director level.

What I would really like to do, though, is open an esoteric bookshop - slash - dark art gallery. An actual brick n mortar thing, with space for events and workshops.
This, of course, sounds like a pipe dream. I have been doing my research though. People open shops all the time, after all. Turns out that the great state of Texas is extraordinarily supportive of small business entrepeneurs!

I may need to take a desk job while I get everything geared up but that is tolerable, so long as my eyes (and my actions) are on the prize…

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