Calling Back an Entity

While I was performing a ritual with a friend the other year, a couple demons came through me. There were definitely two distinct spirits. One spoke through me in a whispery voice and another spoke through me in a more deeper guttural raspy voice. After closing the ritual and performing the banishing ritual, they both left. If they didn’t disclose their name or offer an image of their sigil, is there still a way to call them back? Any ideas?

Is there a particular reason you didn’t get anything from them the first time around? I’m guessing they made quite an impression if you’d like them back, I know personally I’d try to at least get a name from them.

It’s worth a try evoking another spirit that specializes in binding other spirits, so they could sniff them out for you and bring them forward. Of course that could be a bit heavy handed if you haven’t exhausted other options. Have you tried just reaching out to them again? You don’t need a name, just focus on the psychic connection you previously made with them. I’m of the opinion most spirits are very eager to be contacted, I’d be willing to bet they’d oblige.

At that particular time, a number of my spiritual friends were not very supportive of my attempts at invocation. They could tell that I was fairly green and suggested that I study more on performing banishing rituals before I called on any more spirits.

Thanks for the suggestions. They make a lot of sense. Wish me luck.