Calling all magicians help!

Ill make this short. I’m 16 and I’m at a time in my life where I need another force or entity to do some overwhelming things to manifest exactly what I want. I asked E.A. for help but I cant wait. I wont go into detail about the situation, that will be long. But the hole of success is very small in this case and I cannot lose! Here is what I need help with:

I’m looking at evoking Azazel(maybe Belial) to eliminate my obstacles and to take through the tiny little room of success. If anybody wants to recommend another spirit that they feel is much better, tell me, but it has to be a spirit I can look up on google and research about.

Moving on. I have a TV for scrying, a few candles of different colors, some in-scents, his sigil, and the circle and symbols EA has in his live evocation of azazel I think i can draw on my carpet floor with marker or paint maybe. I dont have any incantations that I know of.

Please offer me any advice regarding how to be more successful before I evoke him, because I cant afford to lose.

What do you need done by the demon? Pm me if you want.

If not, download become a living god pdf free off this site, read the news letters, and use the search function here. You will be able to find all the resources you need to use your materials to work on the situation it may be better to use candle or sigil magic instead of evocation if you are new.

My best advice would be:

  1. Build a sacred space for the demon. This can be as simple as a you need or as advanced as you want. It should be as ornate as you can possibly pull off given your circumstances however. Aka makeshift altar on desk, out of a box and shirt, or built out of bricks.

  2. Commune with said demon. Offer it a candle and incense as tribute. Ask that it hear you and utilize some of that power to aid you. Have its sigil present if possible.

  3. Take another candle. This candle represents your intent and belongs to you. Burn it daily after prayers to the demon focusing intently on the outcome you desire. Feed the candle your worry, desire, hope etc. Know that it represents the physical and living power of black magic that you are using to impose your will on the world. Chant out loud the outcome you are bringing to pass, talk to the candle. Tell it that its flame is a sacred representation of the covenant that you are striking with All That Is.

  4. After you succeed, give a small offering as thanks, olive oil, honey, a day fast, whatever strikes you as appropriate to the demon that also helped charge your spellwork.

If I were you I’d wouldn’t jump to Azazel right away he helps you to ascend spiritually and removed obstacles related to that. The demonic kind Vine may be a better choice as he specializes basically in removing just about any type of obstacle from your life.

[quote=“desmonX”]Few more things I need to give detail. I want to overwhelmingly overcome this obstacle so much there is no way of going back. I ask more recommendations as to which demon to summon Azazel or Vine, or Belial as he manipulates authority figures. I only have a small white candle burnt a little, a small red and pink candle not lit yet.

Few questions, will these candles be enough. When and where do i set up the altar? How do I give thanks to the demon in oil or honey?

Few questions,[/quote]

I cant say which demon you should approach, as they are individuals, meditate on what you desire and on what the demon is purported to have power over if you feel a beckoning to work with the spirit than act on it.

However, setting up the altar is easy. You can set it up at any time and anywhere it is convienent. I have a thread called Dimes and Demons: Magick on a budget. Search for it in the search bar, I recommend several altar scenarios that could be beneficial to you.

One of the maxims that EA has stated that I agree whole heartedly with is “Work with what you got” so yes your candles are fine. As a matter of principle I would use the unburnt candle as the “offeratory” candle if you chose to go that route.

When one uses honey, olive oil, water or any liquid in a sacrificial manner it is called a libation. It is one of the most ancient and potent spiritual practices known in history. It is as easy as going outside and pouring out the offering while speaking words of gratitude. Pouring the libation into the dirt is especially handy for demons because the offering goes down into the underworld.

You must be 18 to be on this site so are you sure you didn’t typo that? Did you mean to say you were 19 I know the 6 and 9 are close to each other on the old standard keyboard.

We’ve had adults who act like total kids,and kids who have had breakthroughs many adults dream of having.

According to Lady Eva,she has no way of actually verifying age,and nothing to go by,besides a person’s statement of their age.

Age is more or less insignificant in this case,unless it ties into either magical history,the nature of obstacles and methods of working,or the level of astral senses developed(if the person is an actual child and not just a teenager,then they probably still have their astral senses)

Then again,you can call me biased.

Wouldn’t exactly disagree with you on that.

As for the OP,I’m having a hard time seeing what exactly it is you need help with.

If not expect to be banned it’s nothing personal it’s just a legality, Like Socrates E.A. is accused of corrupting the youth so you must be at least 18 to get your share of corruption.

Exactly,it’s a formality,no more binding than the words on paper.

In fact,the whole notion of adulthood is just as ephemeral,since all it denotes is sexual maturity,which up until the early 20th century or so,used to be around 16-19(girls would not get their periods until they were of that age),whereas today it happens as early as 12-14(with numerable causes like changes in society,diet(presence of more transfats),etc.)

This isn’t even a relevant topic of conversation,though,and I definitely do not want to derail this thread.

Alash tad, alash tal, ashtu

The Grand Invocation of the Pact. A highly potent conjuration representing (to me) implicit and expressed spiritual pacting between me, the spirit, and the end result of the work.

I’m with you in that regard I personally think it’s ridiculous that you can go off to Afghanistan and get blown to pieces by an IED but you can’t go into a bar and have a drink amongst men? I say anyone who is responsible enough to volunteer to defend our nation deserves the same privilege as someone who did nothing more than stay alive for a few more years because he wasn’t being shot at. This largely is the result of campaigns by insurance companies.

Age: I asked Timothy about this at the end of 2014 when someone stated they were under 18, and he said to allow it, and that “No law in any way prohibits minors from participation on a forum. The 18+ rule stands for ordering, and even then we cannot enforce it in any way. We post the age requirement to give an impression that we possess a spirit of adulthood rather than adolescence.”

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Mod hat off - first, if you’re 16, unless you live alone I don’t think painting demonic symbols on the carpet is going to go well, but whatever.

Now, you said:

You haven’t (with respect) given us anything like enough detail really, but ritual is so subjective that it’s hard to say “Yes, for sure, that will work” or “No, you just needed to add a pinch of herbs (or whatever)” so don’t be freaked out by that.

How do you feel, thinking about the ritual?

one thing E.A.'s said at least once that perfectly matches my own experience, is this - when you think back to a ritual, if you feel calm, at peace, like things are cool, then it was likely to have been a success; whereas if you feel worried, anxious, tense, then it probably wasn’t.

If you can share which spirit you summoined, anything at all, that might be helpful, but if that’s not possible then that’s my best suggestion, and if you can do (or get done) a card reading maybe, something like that, just to get a bit of insight.

Okay, if you had a positive feeling that’s a good sign, I can’t say for certain (I’m not Azazel’s helpdesk and I don’t feel strongly enough connected to him to have a hunch) but it seems like you felt the error from not dismissing him, whereas if this was “just in your mind” there wouldn’t have been an outside consciousness to pick up on that - if you see what I mean?

Not sure what the killing parents bit’s about, best not to do that as a general bit of advice. I don’t know if Azazel caused that but be aware demons can set off weird thought sometimes, doesn’t mean you have to pay attention to them.

If, at the beginning, you only intended the offering as “payment” for a successful result being manifest, then save it until afterwards.

If it was a general handshake “Greetings, I have good things for you, so give good things to me” then give it now. Only you can know what was truly in your heart, but TIP - don’t try to withold if you genuinely believed or intended to give them at first as a handshake, because they have intent now toi some extent and you may find that’s not a good thing. If in doubt, give a small amount and offer more later, that’s how I’d proceed.

But if you were always clear in your mind that this is purely payment IF you get the result, then it’s not an issue. Being over-specific here because I can’t read brains. :slight_smile:

Demonic Energy has a tendency to Open doors when applied to consciousness. Thats where working on your own issues or anything else pays off. It does not mean the demon wants you to kill your parents, but rather the Demonic Energy Amplifies whats already there, whether its coming from you or something else.

^ Well said, we pretty much all want to kill/fuck/eat our parents, on some weird psychological level, and that’s the kind of stuff demonic energies WILL resonate on, like striking a gong.

Good, someone else can take that one! :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, IF you were an experienced mage, what would you try to reply to this very post? Never too young to try on bigger shoes…

Forget about it and see if the results came.Wait anywhere from two weeks to one lunar cycle,before checking if it worked,whether with your allies,or through some established method of divination.