Calling all Hindus and tantrics

I really enjoyed discussion with my fellow tantric brothers earlier. If there are any others knowledgeable in the subject, please reach out and we can talk more

I know a little bit about Tantra, but I’m not an expert by any stretch.

What is it that you would like to discuss?

Personally, my main interest lies in Tantric Union with the Goddess and the activation of Kundalini Shakti.

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Yes that’s quite fascinating. So u know about the Mahavidyas?

only on a very basic level, I’m afraid. I am somewhat familiar with the basic principles of being a Shakta, but that comes from personal experience and not the reading of any texts.

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I have heard about Vashikaran and that is very powerful.
What is your take on that?
How does one go about it?

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Depends on who’s doing it. It definitely works though. If you happen to have money (100 usd) I know someone you can ask to prove it to you

I would prefer learning and doing it myself.
Any tutorials that you have that can be referred to.


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I am practicing Tantra. This January I had the privilege of meeting a 200 year old Aghori Tantrik . I know a lot of Tantriks all over India by now

Do you want to know something specifics ?

A brother here with the username Goku was also amazing, unfortunately he’s not active these days

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Can you elucidate more on Vashikaran pls.

Vashikaran means the power of controlling the other person’s actions and thoughts as you deem fit. It was developed for a positive purpose eg an advisor could use it to influence his king if he felt the king was making a wrong decision, but these days it is misused for the purpose of Love and business etc.

People are deluded by the power is gives , without understanding the consequences. If you take away someone’s free will , then in one of the next life your free will ,will also be taken away. The law of karma spares none. ( I understand some western occultist don’t believe in the law of karma)

Though I do know a Vashikaran mantra that works by just 51 chants for 30 days


Can i pm you pls…

Have you got any siddh sharir bandhan mantra(body protection mantra) which you have got siddhi over ?

There is a mantra which I used but don’t know how to check whether it is siddh or not

Yes you can

Yes , I know shabar Mantra for these.

One can simply recite the Hanuman chalisa 10,000 times to gain extreme protection

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Yes definitely, look up vashikaran on prophet666

One cannot just pickup mantras from the internet and start chanting them friend. Mantras don’t work like this

I know, I just wanted to give him a starting place. Prophet666 has a lot of info

I have periods when I focus on a certain doctrine/path; between these there are indeed “Hinduism” and Tantrism, which I study and practice. Pranayama, meditation…