After much work to rebuild my life and myself in the aftermath of what was done to me, tonight I begin the offence.
I am beginning with a war jar against the person who took away my company, my children, my love, my way of life for their own enjoyment.
The dark moon and my dieties will add some fury to my work, but this unholy retribution is very important to myself and my family.
If any magi are willing and able, I humbly invite you to send me your help. Your negative energies, your demons, your advice, your fury.
Thank you. I will repay any assistance.


You GO kick some ass! :fist:

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I opened your topic and Lucifer and Belial name’s ringed a lot.

Call them. That’s all I have to say.


I shall. Thank you.

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What was done to you? Did you have any part to play in any of this?

I’ve been seriously fucked over concerning family, business, friendships in my life, but in a lot of those cases, I didn’t pay attention to the warning signs which were telling me to avoid those people and situations. I ignored them, and the consequences were fitting.

Did those people use me and lie and steal and fuck me over for no reason? Yep. But should I have even been interacting with them? No.

That said, I don’t know anything about life.

Honestly I do not want to go into the personal details of a story years in the making here, but I understand the reasoning for your questions.
There have been plenty of people and situations in my younger years that were avoidable and partly of my own making, which I have learned from.
This however, is not that. I would not ask anyone, mortal or otherwise to participate in my affairs if it were not just or neccesary to protect my children.
I made the best available decisions every step of the way and took every precaution to foster peace in my life and my home. This is not revenge or spite, it is neccesity. If you do not wish to trust my judgement and risk yourself, I understand completely. I am just aware that my strength may not be enough to do what needs done, so I ask those who can feel and trust my motivations to lend a hand.

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Then I hope they are destroyed


Thank you.


I have one person in my life like that and I am going to do the whole “burying a box with chicken feet” here in the next week. And it’s purely out of necessity as well.


If I may, I reccomend seeking the assistance of the guede with the chicken feet curse. I personally was taught to put La Croix’s veve on the box to concentrate it as a coffin with his permission and mark the fresh grave with Samedis veve so he may bury the soul after you physically bury the body. I like the simplicity of EA’s version but with roots in vodun I’ve only ever done this the old way and I have never been dissapointed with the power and wisdom of the guede.

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Okay, obviously you have issue with this guy. So, I’ll help out a bit. Mind you, I am preparing for a very strange working in my own right, but this may help you.

  1. Call on Belial and Lucifer. Get on good terms with them over the course of however long it takes.

  2. Call on Andras, the spirit of discord, anarchy, upheaval, and general bad news. Let him know your issue and give him freedom to manifest your will in whatever way he desires.

  3. If you have any personal items (hair, clothing, favorite pen, even a business card) have them on standby.

  4. Use all of the above in whatever order to decimate your enemy.


All materials prepped and on standby, plan made and action started. I have never worked with Andras, I’ll give him a call.

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Day one, I called on all my familiar spirits to assist in making a war jar.
At the end of construct, before I charged it, I also invited Andromalius to help. I have never worked with him before. His presence was a surge of focused energy, showing up immediately after I called.

Day 2, I woke up with insatiable hunger. The entire day went that way. My stomach was a black hole until I realized it was Andromalius. When I thanked him the hunger subsided, and for some reason people started giving me things. I was handed money and beer and given kisses by my employees? Weird idk.
I called upon Belial and Lucifer and explained my motivations and asked for guidance and power. Worked and charged the war jar some more.

Day 3. I am drained as hell. Lol. I spoke some more to Belial and Lucifer in the morning. Heading back to work now. I was really hoping to evoke Andras and Belial last night or this morning to have a formal chat about this but my energy is nowhere near high enough. Going to recharge and enter phase 2 tomorrow.

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Andromalius does that to your stomach, so you definitely had him with you.

I have a simple ,but nasty little ritual if you need it to fulfil some of your requirements.

PM me if you need it. x Good luck

I think the other poster is right about beliel.
I’ve also had surprising results casting curses with astaroth, although I think the person has to REALLY deserve it before it can happen with that deity.
You can also try ba’al. Some of the most intense energy I ever felt was doing sigil work with ba’al, honestly kind of creepy to be frank. Worth a shot. I wouldn’t be able to send you any energy without knowing the specs on the situation as I have no emotional connection to it. Hope some of that helps and best of luck to you!!!

So I haven’t had the need to call Astoroth, as I have asked plenty of spirits to help me whom I trust could handle the job. I did However reach out to Belial and ask for his assistance for the first time. Things have been moving quickly in the right direction. Hail King Belial, Hail Lord Lucifer, Hail King Asmodeus, and a special shout out to Andromalius!

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