Calling a spirit

By the enn.


I don’t see any of that . I only see a name

What spirit?


Majority of them in my previous post

I have no idea who you’re talking about.
If you don’t have a sigil, and they don’t have an enn, then you create a sigil and evoke them, or invoke them/summon them.


The spirits from there . So I just randomly make any image I want and call it a sigil ?

No. Sorry dude, my life is hectic right now. I will do a reading for you tomorrow.
I urge you not to create any sigil you want. There are very specific sigils.
You risk the same risk with a Ouija spirit, they may not be who you called.


I could Aldo provide at least angel sigils for you tomorrow as well if I have the time.
As far as any others, I would hold off until you have an enn or a proper sigil.
You may not need sigils for lesser known angels, but again, I would hold off until you have one.

Yes the enns the demonic enns.
Shakakawkaw kazoo, keeko, Berk,
Demon please show up and don’t be a jerk!
Or just call the demon by name that usually does it.


So what’s the point of the enns then?
I was under the impression that the enn is used if you don’t have the sigil. Like some phrase only to be used for that spirit and that spirit only.
So what is the deal with claims about imposter spirits then, if all you have to do is say the name of a specific spirit to have that specific spirit to show up?
What about Ouija claims about imposter spirits?

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You are supposed to have a circle up or at least some form of psychological barrier to keep out unwanted spirits and focus you on the spirit in question.
And you should also be intuitive enough to know who the spirit is or at least recognize the energy signature.


Then use the name.


Ah, I never use a circle, that might have been an issue or two. Or not calling element quarters for that matter.


The point of casting the circle is to raise your energy and project your intent out through your aura.

With the Gd systems this is done through the Lbrp/Lirp, cross ritual,middle piller, LBRH/LIRH, and the analysis of of the key word to assume various godforms. It is to acustom the practitioner to raising, directing, attracting and repelling various forces. The “circle” being cast is the energy you raise empowering the aura. This is why the middle pillar and exercises like it have you cycle energy around you and through you.

After this is energy is flowing you can then tune it to attract the force or entity you want to work with simultaneously repelling the forces not aligned with your ritual or visa versa for banishing.


At least draw one in your mind to focus on the spirit and not just calling out to whatever will listen. It sends a message to your subconscious mind telling it that you only want one spirit in particular.


Right on … Thanks @Dinmiatus and @AdamThoth.


So as for @TheRookie request, I guess draw a circle, concentrate on the spirit and call the name, that seems to be the summary.


Even then they should be tested. Some beings can camouflage and mimic to their own ends.


Learn how to use this rose cross template, plug the name into this and make a sigil:


Also, an enn is not needed. Try calling to it in the form of a chant.


Ah, that’s what the OAA flame lesson is about with visualizing an indigo colored flame directed clockwise by index finger before calling the watchtowers/gates.
Pretty universal idea … Same with Wicca, Golden Dawn and a few other systems. Then counter clockwise erasing as a symbol of close of the ritual.