Calling a entity into your dream

Hey guys, any tips on how to call a entity into your dream to speak and commune with?


This is how I currently do all my ritual, because I’m not in a position to do ritual out in the open. So, I learned how to have lucid dreams. And you too can learn at this website:

The method I use is called Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD), which basically means that I wake myself an hour before I would normally get up and when I go back to sleep I’m lucid and I do any spirit communication (or sex with celebrities and porn stars) then.


:wink: some interesting dreams right there

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For me was enough to open the sigil and call the entity before I sleep. Last time was really really interesting…I called upon Lucifer and Belial regarding an issue related to getting a job. And they came. Came up as 2 very tall beings almost extraterrestrial looking. They were talking to each other in front of me about me. When I saw them I ran away…and I couldn’t get away…no matter where I turn there was the entities in my face…was almost nightmarish…they decided to help me get the job. Next day I woke up I went to job interview and I got the job. I still don’t understand how I was able to get the job…I wouldn’t have hired myself…I had zero experience in a position that requires experience…I am 100% sure that was them…Belial and Lucifer because they got tired of me asking them to help me to get a job that pays well…and they kept getting me one and I kept refusing or missing the chance…they almost forced me into it.Actually they forced me into it. That’s how I feel.