Call on King Paimon for musical inspiration!

EVERY time I’ve even casually asked him for inspiration before a jam session I find myself playing in another vein that’s just better than what I tend to go to. I have a feeling one of my rivals has been working with him for years because the weird yet awesome feel is there in both our music when I’m jamming with the King.

Add a bit of vitamin THC to the mixture and you’ll be capable of something majestic.

If you’re a real musician of any kind ask him to teach you! It’s amazing how “obvious” it all becomes and what was a cleaver phrase before is just the beginning of somethings even better.

I’m amazed…


Very inspiring! Congratulations.

… and I concur.

I have been getting a bit of demonic help with my music as well.
Vitamin THC and a bit of on-the-fly divination with the entity while playing and BAM … Inspired tasty music that vibes like nobody’s business.

Hail King Paimon!



What kind of on the fly divination do you perform? I usually just call out to him in my mind “King Paimon help me make this all it can be, thank you my friend.”

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King Paimon is the best!


I do the same, but there’s also a bit of a pact.

Before I get to the pact, I’ll answer the question. It’s a matter of letting go and grooving to any beat that pops to my mind and letting my fingers do whatever feels right (guitar). I consider this being a medium in a way, just like Ouija and scrying.

The caveat is that in order for the fingers to move freely, they need to be well practiced. Mine are thankfully.

Then in return for inspiration, I commit (pact) to fully feeling and properly executing the playing, or being an excellent vessel. This may mean discomfort. Paying ultra-close attention and ensure that the fingers move as if carefully watched by the composer. The composer watches for nuances, tempo, volume, groove, variety …etc.

The trick is to play as well as you can without imparting a bias. I consider it faithful reproduction of what is being communicated by the entity.

Energetically, from a mental focus perspective, its very intensive. The feeling of “Yeah that’s it!” as you are playing and feeling the composer praising you or encouraging you to try again, or be more focused …etc.

Feels so rewarding. Playing stuff that sounds so rehearsed and inspired.


We have nearly the exact same method. A little bit of green always helps but recently I’ve had sessions where I haven’t even addressed him or been inebriated at all and my natural flow is still inspired as can be. King Paimon doesn’t just give music, he really does teach it.

I took off on a lead run during a jam the other night and found myself amazed at how easy running up and down the neck, playing damn tasteful accidentals, emphasizing an arpeggio over a certain chord change, and then going back into an expressive modal line again was.

It was as if the guitar became my 2nd mouth and I was having an energetic conversation with the other 2 musicians in the room. Everyone kept remarking about how great we sounded and how it was a “rare treat” to jam on that level. Truly great!

I plan on making a pact with him to oversee my album I started tracking. Could be a grand adventure