Call of The Shaman

so I am getting the strong energy pull towards shamanism Native American Celtic etc I am going to stop my workings with the demonic Satan etc as they no longer apply to me and I am now working with an ancient shamanic God the rainbow serpent or Quetzocotal I am getting vibes to work on earth energy and magick and to focus on kundalini serpent rising also becoming more nature based and organic I don’t know how ppl feel about this but I feel it’s the right call and to leave behind the demons and other nonsense focusing only on earth around me and the otherworld via Astral travel by meditation drum and flute playing and taking psychedelics…basically I am going to be in the woods doing shrooms and banging on drums making tons of animal noises…


also side note I feel my past life as a bear returning to me and now becoming my spirit totem guide… being also drawn towards nature and the woods… :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:

Please keep us updated on your journey. Power and blessings to you.


it’s an ancient call and fells right more organic ancient and earth based also felt this rainbow serpent god quetzalcoatl having strong energy and pulling me more towards the shaman path…


Answer that call. I wish you success.