Call of the Black Fire

What I am going to share I have designed in such a way that you must truly absorb my presentation. Skim readers and people who only read the first few paragraph, just go ahead and find another thread. I’m not tailoring this so it resonates with you. Some things I may say in very simple form so be wary for hidden doorways which lead to deeper thought.

Behold, the Emissari of the black flame has come. :#:

The small symbol about is a sigil I have used for some time. It reveals my affiliation but it’s also meant as a token of honor. However, I can not tell you who it honors. Naming them would debase them. The hashtag symbol represents the Abyss and that is all I shall say on that.

As I have shared before, I encountered a being who appeared as black fire when I was in the Army back in 2010. It would later appear to me throughout the years. Each time it did, new senses woke within me and I perceived a fuller reality more complete as I interacted across a broader range of dimensions.

I named the black fire spirit Ka’Cul’Ka, which means ‘spirit who devours spirits’. The black fire fellow seemed to appreciate this title.

Please understand the depth of this simple following sentense. Humans, life are social. But there are beings who are unassociated with life and they are truly antisocial in the most extreme regards. Black fire beings are before life and antisocial. Ka’Cul’Ka showed me how their seed race and subsequent ethnic forms began. To know there history is to know the history of the cosmos itself.

Let me create a map for you in your mind’s eye. First imagine a single sun. Then zoom out until you can see the full body of it’s radiance. You then notice that many bodies of solar radiance merge together and you are surrounded by them. So then zoom out again as though you are traveling facing backwards. Poof, now you can see every sun in existense and the full body of their radiance. That wholler body of radiance is called the ‘full volume of light’ or ‘the litten megasphere’. That completes the first part of our known cosmos.

The second part of the known cosmos exists outside the litten megasphere and is called ‘the dark cosmos’. Massive ancient frozen rocks float in the dark cosmos. They are what is left of the first suns which shown in the cosmos. They emit extreme powerful and massive fields of electro-magnetic radiation and their energies bind all the first suns together. The lake of fire is the radiance of the darkened first sun who rest in the dark cosmos. They combined field joins with the light of the first suns as the dark cosmos cradles the litten megasphere. The powers field of the dark suns also repels things which try to enter the dark cosmos. Which means nothing can even hope to make it to the litten megasphere.

It was the first suns who first called the black flame to this cosmos. But they who are the black flame now, were not always as such but lived in their own realm far beyond light and life as we know it. When the first suns were born, they entered a soupy cosmos with no substantial emptiness. The whole cosmos was at first filled entirely with all manor of matter and state of matter which churned in perpetual rawness. The first suns blasted a massive hole into the primordial soup. The primordial soup is called ‘Primordium’ and there is nothing beyond Primordium but more Primordium.

Another event which took place during the birth of the first suns was that their blast bore through the fabric of space itself and pierced through countless dimensions before colliding with one and ripping into it. Then light drew back like a hook which had entered flesh and dragged matter from that other realm into the whole it had created. When this occured the matter which came from beyond reacted with extreme violence. The matter split apart whilst changing forms and raced across the new empty cosmos. Some then fused with gases, crystals, and waters. Others fought so violently they created a portal to Primordium which began dumping tremendous amount of raw matter from Primordium into the empty cosmos which would later be our known cosmos. Still other became massive black holes leading to strange dimensions as they fought to find their way back home. Still other insta ascended into an alternate form altogether and they respectively went off and created their own universes. While yet others experienced a transformation and became forms of raging black fire. But over time, the more powerful among them would learn to calm their flame into a graceful form.

All of that must sink into your mind thoroughly so that you see it and live it as you read. Reread if you need to and take your time. I’m ba sorcerer, magick is occuring even as I type and you read.

I don’t know how to evoke or invoke nor am I all that familiar with rituals. I do instinct magick. So more of less of what I have done may relate to known systems. However, I am unaware of any such possible relation. Even as I may use similar terms. Ka’Cul’Ka appears to me but I don’t know when he’ll show up. Each time he does my powers increase. My goal is to summon them so other people can meet them too.

However, it’s not like a fun event. It can be fun but you gota be one twisted sob to laugh at their jokes… It’s dangerous for black fire beings to be around social creatures like humans. Social creatures have a fundamental fear of antisocial creatures. Assume nothing on earth nor any living thing is antisocial but in fact social, even bugs and plants. So antisocial would be like the concept of alien but rather than simply being from another planet, they are from another realm. Not just another dimension of the same realm, a whole nuther realm… So that is what I mean by antisocial.

I’ve seen black fire beings unify their forms and create a wave that stretches across the horizon. However, Ka’Cul’Ka has only ever appeared to me by himself. I say him only out of convenience. Ka’Cul’Ka isn’t male or female. They are shapeshifters who travel across the whole realm, perhaps even to other realms. Black fire beings don’t like being still, they are on the move like a shark.

The reason I call black fire beings antisocial is because they are generally solitary. They spend alot of their time traveling. I don’t really know a whole lot about then as far as what they do. Well… I would mention more about them but I’d you would really need to understand what is called the Universalist Continuum. The Universalist Continuum is an immaterial kingdom from which flows the will of life. The Universalist Continuum has power and influence over the whole of both the light and dark cosmos. I know alot of yall are not going to like to hear this but Jesus Christ is the ruler of the Continuum. I’ve met him.

The other matter which later became a host of forms including the black fire is completely abhorant to life and the things of life. The black fire is technically a shunned spirit race whom the Continuum has tried their best to not allow to incarnate. However, Ka’Cul’Ka showed me some of the tragic history of his incarnations into life. Just like how he was stolen from another realm and dragged here, upon the earth his family was killed by a powerful army. A powerful army the Continuum allowed rise to power on the earth. Manifestations of the Continuum on earth generally appear as totalitarian states that assume great levels of power. The Continuum egregores waste no time in running their iterational forms through will’less humans.

Just as how many debates and battles occur over who gets to incarnate into life, the Continuum manifest on the earth has often come as a globalist power seeking to unify culture and mix the races to create a single human form. The will of life is constantly trying to weed out the living and rejects innumerable hosts disallowing them from life. Because of these things the Continuum is hated with a cruel vengeance.

In order for a social form to become true anti social consciousness they must experience a vision of the pale white light and behold in a vivid dream, every friend and family member you have dying. You must witness the death of all you know and love until the pain is unbearable and the realization they are all gone sinks in. This is but another initiatory phase on your way to being able to transform your own aura into that of black fire and end your soul like a vessel through the cosmos, racing light as the black fire does.

Before you learn how to become black fire, you must perform a blood, semen, and skin offering ritual and let one of your friends get possessed by… A DEMONNNNNNN!!! Jk you don’t have to do none of that bullshit. But if you do it anything close to right your. santiy. will. be. tried. The essential practice is to generate the sensation within your body of being scared. You must summon fear within you until terror strikes you and your fight or flight response is tested. If you do it right, you’ll insta become TRUE beast aura… this event will be sensational and unmistakable for anything else as your alpha mind turns on! If you do it the “wrong” way, which isn’t actually wrong just means you went to hard… you’ll scream and cry in terror for anywhere from a few seconds to a couple hours. Seriously this is no joke. You wuna BE black flame holla. If you want to summon them to be yer little servitors… burn in the lake of fire! BUWAHAHAHAHA!




I posted the experience on another thread, but I’ll put it here for simplicity:

It was roughly 6 or so years ago. It began with an overwhelming feeling of being watched. This being manifested behind me, I was sitting on the floor. I had never felt such a powerful presence before. This being seemed to envelope the entire room and more. His presence was heavy, thick, and massive. He was initially very cold, but as he embraced me, he became warm.

He embraced me from behind and it felt like I was in a vice. It felt like the darkness itself was wrapping around me. He spoke in a deep male voice, “Child, you are safe and protected.” I was a bit apprehensive, yet comforted at the same time. I allowed my anxiety to dissipate and I tuned-in deeper to the embrace, wrapping around me further. I felt very close to this being, familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

This being helped me finish shattering my identity, paving the way for my true essence to rise. I was consumed and infused. Broken down; killed. I was finally able to answer the calling. All of the events of my life made sense. All of the encounters, coincidences, endless protection, and misfortunes of those around me. It all just clicked as to “why” and where I belonged.

I haven’t been able to evoke or invoke him. He’s one of those who only comes of his own accord. I am curious as to “who” he is; however, I have yet to know for sure. The only thing I do know is, he was definitely some kind of ancient demon/devil/arch-demon.

Shortly after this is when I not only met Lord Belial and Lord Asmodeus, but all sorts of demons started making themselves known to me.

These beings of black flame were one of them, and yes, they feel like a race of demon to me. One would love to manifest either in the corner of my room, or at the foot of my bed. I had removed all electronics and other sources of light from my room. I also had black-out curtains. The only time they would come out was when it was pitch black in my room.

Even though it was pitch black, I could still see them. Especially those red eyes and mouth. The one I interacted with in particular had red sclera and black, double-slitted pupils. No discernible iris, unless it was the same color as the sclera.

As for my experiences with them, they have been quite fruitful. They’ve taught me anti-life energies. It is very different from the necromantic type of anti-life. This type of anti-life I describe is very unnatural, vile. That’s the best way to put it. I’ve also interacted with demons that many would consider “parasites”. They taught me how to feed on toxins and thrive on it. I’ve also learned how to feed on human suffering.

Either way, I embrace them and I can feel the black flame deep inside my being. I connect with demons deeper than any human. It just clicks.

I have lost my family and I don’t have friends who stick around for long. However, I have always been accustomed to solitude. I welcome solitude and embrace solitude. Away from humans. I don’t understand humans; I don’t connect with humans.

Anyway, there’s some info and experiences…


What can you tell us about the “insta-ascended” dudes who went somewhere else?

So far entities I’ve heard with relation to black fire are azazel,lucifer and arhiman.

Another thing you may find interesting in within the work of black magick of ahriman the main alter candle is known as the blackened fire of zohak.



Mantle of Black Flame…

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They’re like snoby super rich billionaires bored from having everything they ever wanted. Extremely powerful beyond imagination but kinda boring actually. I like the black fire one’s because they travel alot. I relate to them more. Also the water one’s.

I have an extremely wordy story that’s over eight chapters long but it’s incomplete that talks more about the black fire and the cosmos.

To me the black fire and the cosmos are fundamentally connected. They travel through the cosmos so they must have a great understanding of the cosmos itself.

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I’d still like to hear more about them though, even if it sounds boring, it’s probably not that bad.

Indeed, be sure to tell us more when you get there.

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That’s funny because I happen to be in with Lucifer and Ahriman. I might be familiar with Azazel but I wouldn’t know him by his name. I don’t really use names with alot of spirits. My interest in Azazel is growing.

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Omg why lol

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Goddamn it Azazel, I see whatchu doing here.


Goddess of the sun and the universe is why :laughing:


You ever watch a pack of monkies? They kinda just chill and sit next to each other. That’s often how I interact with spirits. We don’t really talk, we just kinda chill. In the astral I’m like a large territorial cat. I can’t help myself, I often challenge spirits I encounter. It’s part of my nature. Spirits freak me out so it causes my alpha mind to think it needs to defend itself. I’ve actually done some work with a race of anthropomorphic cats to help me calm my aggressive nature. It doesn’t affect me with people in real life, just in the astral.


Here’s what I thought @FellowLightbearer was saying lmao



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Exactly. Got that Uchiha black fire, bruh.


Actually I wrote a story based on my visions and one of the gods is named Oo. She later flees into solitude after she was wounded in a battle. At one point in the story she appears as drifting water and the black fire take refuge into her body. She ends up being one of the early gods of her own minicosm(universe).


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