Call of Cthulhu

Hello everyone, I have registrated for some time that Cthulhu is calling me and I am really drawn to him. I was searching for him here, but didnt found much to use. Does he have some sigil, which way should I step forward to work with him and what is he like? I will be grateful for any information :octopus:.


you can find information and sigil in
There is a book that may help “Necronomicon Gnosis: A Practical Introduction” by Asenath mason


I myself don’t have any experince with him.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Cthulhu is the Lord of magic. Everything is perfect then when his call is heard. Cthulhu is a Dark Wonderful Blessing



Sounds exciting :grin: :octopus:

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Dont forget he is a godly priest for the old gods. If he calls he you do not need a sigil. Perhaps just reread “The Call of Cthulhu”, that might be all that is needed.


Donald Tyson has his seal and sigil in his book “Grimoire of the Necronomicon.”


Thank you

Thank you.

Thank you too.

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Huh?? I wasn’t aware that Cthulhu was considered a genuine deity… This is new information for me I guess

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Some people call it “Current 23”.

The Great Old Ones are very potent.

They can drive you insane.


Oh, yeah, I will second this.

Your dreams and meditations can be intense.

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It’s had some . . . physical effects on me lol

Where can I find out more about this “Current 23”

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S. Ben Qayen has a book or two, but Donald Tyson is where it’s at.

I’ve been in it for over five years now, though the calling has been well over twenty years.
I could fill you in right here.
What do you want to know?


Are the deities in this cthulhu mythos strictly new entities that live completely out of the left hand qliphoth and right hand sephiroth dichotomy? And another thing ive been thinking for a while, ive noticed that Shub Niggurath can possibly be a form of some kind of demon fertility god/goddess(perhaps baphomet), and Ive noticed how as a fertility deity it could be connected to venus/lucifer the morning star. Mind clearing up some stuff because ive had these ideas for a while


In the Tyson system, The Great Old Ones have corresponding planets. The Golden Dawn system is observed for the Necronomicon tarot cards.

I’m pretty sure you’re right about Shub-Nigurath, but I feel the need to double check.

C’thulhu is Mars. Also the Devil card in the tarot.

Be very careful of the one who corresponds with Mercury. It’s not even a good idea to say his name.

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In US there is the Church of Cthulhu
Besides that Kutulu is a very old God

Ia ia Cthulhu Ftgahn!