Call me... Maybe? (or… I want to meet that spirit again)

So, I’m reaching out to you guys because I am at a loss of what to do.

Some time ago during a vacation trip to Mallorca almost a year ago, during a day-time nap I had a dream of a spirit presence. It was a shadow really, more than a solid entity. Like a dark flowing mist.

In my dream this being permeated my entire body, flowing through it, and stayed with me for the entire dream. It was very intimate and very… personal. And while it was pleasurable, it was more sensual than erotic. It was a presence of some kind, of that I am sure. I had the same sensation as every other time I’ve felt other’s during waking hours.

Ever since then I’ve been wanting to meet this spirit again, but I have no idea of how to proceed. I don’t know anything about it, more than it taking a shadow form, but that dosen’t really say anything. I suppose I could petition other beings and ask for this shadowy spirit, but really, do you guys (with several more years of experience in spirit matters than myself) have any idea of how to get in touch with this being again? I have no Enn or sigil, and I do not know it’s name.

It’s not that I’m desperate, but it was too great of an event (one night stand? O.o) to let it go just like that… That’s why I want to get in touch with it again.

So, do you guys have any wondrous magical ideas of how to proceed?

All ideas are welcome :slight_smile:


My idea is try to meditate on the spirit and reach out with your mind, and even words if you like, if the spirit wants to come back it should try to make contact, Maybe you’ll catch a name in your mind when you do this

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Call them to you just like summoning any other entity.


It’s possible it was your own shadow self, more specifically the parts of yourself that are repressed not actively dealt with. Those pieces of self that most people are taught are “evil,immoral, perverse,primal ect.” by religious or societies standards. These aspects of self can start to surface when you get deep enough into a practice. There are some systems that focus on these aspects specfically to work with them for the purpose of reconsolidating the self, normally known as shadow work.

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@Encore19 Mmh, I haven’t meditated on the issue specifically before. I’ll give it a try!

@JezebelleMoon I’ll give this a try as well. I just have to figure out how to, but I’ll suppose I’ll try a few different things.

@Dinmiatus I haven’t considered it before to be some deeper part of myself, but it is in alignment in time with me starting to break social conventions more and more… Very interesting. I’ll look into shadow work as well and see what’ll come of it.