Call me a cliche if you want, but

Can someone use magic to attract a dancer with?

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Magic stripper dust aka cocaine.


It really brings out the raw animal in people eyes. That or…


Oh my :rofl::joy:


just curious

Yep. Money magick.

And the spell is super easy.

You take a $1 bill and fold it in such a way that it sticks up a bit for the dancer to see while he or she is grinding their ass in the face of a patron 10 feet away. I like the ‘L’ form with the pinched little corners. Don’t make the mistake of laying out $5 bills and up; they will do all the same shit for the $1s, and it is not going to speed up anything, trust me; a good dancer does not skip anyone with money in front of them, so if there are 5 people between you and the dancer and some fuckhead just had the DJ play ‘Freebird’, you might have a wait on your hands. This is the time to get a drink from the shot caddy. The economy is only just starting to ramp up. Conserve. You are going to want that extra shot or two for weathering the stink coming out of the Champagne Room once your spell manifests, chiefly consisting of ass and fear.

Once you do this, wait. It’s fucking crazy. This money spell has a 100% chance of attracting a dancer.

Okay, now that I have had my fun (thank you, btw, that was extremely low hanging fruit), I would do one of a couple things. A rite to get an opportunity to talk to the person outside of the club is your best bet, if you are actually trying to talk with them beyond fucking. Those places have some real thick energy in them that is not at all conducive to meaningful, healthy relationships.

If you are trying to just go for sex, then take my bit of jest in the beginning literally and do exactly that.

Oh yeah, I didn’t see this^^^, lol. Still though, not an untruth.



Well, the dancer’s magic works on you, so do what they do:

Eat healthy and work out every day. Yes that counts. The vast majority of magicians and spiritualists strongly suggest taking good care of the body. It is your piece of this material plane.

Learn to dance. Every old culture knows that dancing is magic. Practicing is a good work out and a harmonious art. It will add grace and flourish to your everyday motion that attracts people on a subtle level. Also you’ll dance good at clubs. Everybody likes that.

Want the dancer?
BE the dancer.

That does answer a few lingering questions I’ve had about what to do with all my $1 bills. Thank you!


Not a highlight of my past - and my religious parents would have died if they’d known- but when I was younger (in the late 80s) I danced in a very nice gay night club in Mexico City while going to college. Being Germanic in origin and blonde paid off in every way, big time! I like the comment made earlier about a weird energy in clubs because that is so true.

Many people become almost possessed with the vibe of the driving music beat and their own sexual lust. Perhaps that’s only in gay clubs but I’d suspect not. The bottom line is that many people change and become alter-egos of their true selves. They say and do things they wouldn’t normally do. Toward the dancers this is amplified. I honestly think many guys (and gals of both sexes) looked at and thought of the me as a whore to be used if the price was right.

Anyway, to your point. Dancers hear every line and receive every approach under the midnight sun to attempt a hook up. Most guys would not have followed through beyond the club doors, and I knew that. But the one thing that always caught my attention was the men who were polite, respectful, had no apparent pretense, and smiled!

The best Magic you posses is your true self. If you are angling for sex, get in line. Dancers get those offers all night long. So much so that one is fired if they get caught fooling around on the clock. To the dancers it is a job and the people throwing themselves at them are just customers with pesos (or dollars in the US). Dancers have strong BS meters. You can’t fool one if they have any club experience at all.

So don’t use magic, use your heart and mean it. If you use magic to hook them, what will you use to keep them when the sun comes up in the morning and the “spell” is over? Just some thoughts.

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Out of curiosity. Do you mean stripper or do you mean a dancer of the arts.

(Not saying stripping isnt an art. As a girl I can easily say I could not do some of the things they do.)

Just curious to know.

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Strippers don’t spin on the poll, it rotates (a friend of mine was so depressed by that) but holding themselves in those poses takes a lot of core strength and I give them mad props for it.

I’d say if you’re specific about the kind of person you want when doing an attraction spell, you should be able to find one.
I don’t see it as any different to people hunting for a rich person, a musician, or a specific characteristic.


You can alter the pole to either be static or rotate, I personally never used rotate as it made me feel queasy and it’s harder to control the moves!

I was a burlesque dancer so didn’t really have to interact or cozy up to customers to get paid.

As for using magic to attract a dancer…personally speaking would not have worked on me unless you were Damn good and seriously subtle in working it!

My barriers would be up and my emotions switched off so it’d take something pretty special to get through.

I agree with this, as generally more relaxed and guard lowered once out of the venue (just don’t say anything wankerish)