Call for the genetic freaks, baby

So, how many genetic freaks are here ? :muscle::muscle::rofl:
How many of you use your mind to stimulate those muscles to grow? I do and I can say that it makes it feel like you have an unlimited potential.

I currently have 39.5 cm in arms and I want to reach 45-46 cm until I get 18. Currently there are 2 other guys from my class which beat me at skandenberg, and my dream is to beat them at skandenberg and then challenge everyone from my highschool and beat them one by one at skandenberg just how Oncescu did with 1000. :grin:


Definitely not a genetic freak by anyones standards, but I do lift ha. Headed to the gym now. Back/ pull day.

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Hope I hyped you up for that workout. I do traps and shoulders today. Also, you look like a satanist rocker @BikerVVitch :joy::joy: No hate, hope you didn’t got offended by my joke :smiley:

Tattoo Artist. Have played in Hardcore punk and Black Metal bands half my life. None taken.


Do you have links? :slight_smile:

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Annulment was a band I played bass and did backing vocals in. Wrote a lot of the guitar parts and had a lot to do with the songwriting.

Trials has been an ongoing one man band project I have had going for Ithink 12 or 13 years now. That project I have released material ranging from Industrial Black Metal to Dark Ambient and a lot in between. The quality of recordings definitely has varied widely over the years sometimes intentionally and othertimes out of circumstance.


been on and off in other projects but these are the ones Id probably most showcase

Thanks! LEt me know what you think.


Wow, you should make a topic dedicated to this, man… Not everyone had involvement in music. Do you think that music will play an important role in your life in the future? I mean if you think that it will become your full time dedication, your job or like a job

Ha thanks man, I have some very good firends that it is their full time job. The first band I posted was a signed band. I do hope to play more live with my solo band in the new year and write and record some new music. ive become pretty dissillusioned with ever making a full time career out of music though. I am an artist for a living though and do quite well for myself so I’m not so upset about it. Music can be a kind of side hustle but often I find time is my biggest constraint in any endevour.

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It’s not really my type, I like a little just 2 songs. I prefer more something like this

You should announce here when that happens, you may get some fans :grin:

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Dark Funeral is a great band. I can watch Nils play drums all day and never get bored.

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AhaHA :joy: Nils is a danish name, no?

Nils Åke Fjellström is his full name. Hes Swedish. The name is of shared swedish/ Danish origin

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Not a genetic freak but you are talking about muscle memory
I have seen many people who arent genetic freaks but still lifting like hell , at the end of the day your mind plays a huge part in it


No, I didn’t say about muscles memory. Or that’s what you understood?

Hey, my fellow genetic freaks, how’s it going? Back and biceps day today (200 pull ups and some other things and maybe some rear delt)

I’m more of a professor X kind of mutant but I do have great abs. :wink:


You mean you’re bald? :rofl::rofl: That’s a genetic trait too :joy::joy:

:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:yes exactly.

Professor x actually looks like a turtle in some photos :joy: Just search giant turtle on google images and then look at proffesor x to see the differences :rofl::rofl::rofl: