Hay dose anyone know if any thing spacial on any calander that would bring about darker things? I am just trying to figure out why it has been the hardest year for me to control my more distractive tendencies. So I just looked to my rage storage area and there are four Spears in it going to the cardinal directions they had Celtic knots on them I don’t recognize them and I need to know who is feeding me. Does anyone know of anything that would use this

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Might be related to numerology or some astrological alignment. I really don’t know, but can attest to the fact it’s been a shit year for me as well

In regards to the spears, OP said to me he felt that something was pumping rage into him, so I told him to look into his energy, specifically his Solar Plexus Chakra as that is where I found he stores rage, to see if he could find any connections to anything. He returned to me saying the only he found was the four spears.