Cain - Symbolism

So I intend to go through the initiatory invocation rites of Cain, that can be found in Michael W. Ford’s ‘Luciferian Witchcraft’. I’m curious what information people may have on some of his symbolism. Incense, colors, metals, herbs, planets, etc.? Cain being the initiator of which blood, I feel that doing these workings will open some of the gateways in my mind and open up the energy current of luciferianism to better strengthen and empower my future workings.

Cain then dwelt in the land of Nod נוֹד, “wandering”, “Cain” is thought to be cognate to the mid-1st millennium BC South Arabian Yemen word qyn , meaning metalsmith. I’d assume this in turn relates to weapon forging and bloodshed.

Correct, theres a brief description of that in the text of the book already. Like I said I’m looking for more of the symbolism that I listed. Like what kind of incense, what kind of metal, what kind of herbs, which colors, which planet, etc.? I’m mainly wondering for invocatory and ritualistic purposes.

I’m not familiar with Luciferianism writings other than the belief system that venerates the essential characteristics that are affixed to Lucifer. The tradition, influenced by Gnosticism. Lucifer or Ἑωσφόρος in the Greek ,dawn-bringer for the same planet Latin name for planet Venus personified and considered a god by romans son of aurora the dawn, in some versions. I’m unsure if luciferians follow the Roman theology and orthodoxy, if so they used a specific altar called an Ara or bothros if the god was chthonic. It would depend on the god or goddess, the most power Roman priestesses were to the goddess vesta and held all the power in Rome at one point and were buried alive for broken vows of chastity. This is my limit to luciferianism.

One thing you can do is to make him fit in your Qabalah, I’m sure he has his own related things, but you can associate things to him by associating him with a certain sephira/path/qlipha/tunnel and it would be correct. Remember that those correspondences of materials and colors are more for you than for Him. Making things more personally related to you would create a more personal connection with the entity as it takes him into your life. As Crowley said, “I only give certain guiddleness about my tarot cards, but the practitioner must dance with the cards and get to know them personally”.
If you are interested, there is a book called “Liber Falxifer” or something like that, in which Cain is discussed as the guy who is behind the cult of Santa Muerte in South America (there is a also a second part), it may help you too

Edit to add: This song helped a friend of mine to connect with Cain