Caffeine and meditation , a aid or hinderance?

It can help you focus but at the same time it’s a stimulant. What do you guys think ?

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Everything is an aid in moderation.

Caffeine in my opinion is a hindrance though at higher doses.

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I find it doesnt mix with my practice at all, im already a very hyper jittery person naturally some it doesnt help me much at all.

So if the op is as bad as me i would stay away from it a few hours before stepping into the circle

It doesn’t affect me at all, I can have tons of it and still I can practice absolutely fine :woman_shrugging:

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Yesterday I gave another read to which foods are rajasic, tamasic etc., since I intend to adopt the sattvic diet: this would definitely mean to leave coffee behind, but of course it doesn’t apply in every case of meditation. A magician drank coffee prior to a solar ritual, if tired one may sleep but indeed this option may also be used.

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What about fapping guys ? I have to fap everyday or every other day or I’ll be horny all day.

I honestly I just thought about this. A lot of people say that frequent masturbation is draining and makes raising your energy or clearing your mind harder. Might cut back if it’s beneficial.

Coffee gets a lot of bad press but in moderation coffee drinking (one to two cups of coffee per day) is enjoyable. I have cut back as I used to drink up to 4 cups a day, i try to limit my coffee consumption to one cup a day.

Keep in mind that a cup is 8 ounces, however i like to add a series of creamers using unsweetened almond or soy milk, and adding vanilla, unsweetened cocoa powder or cinnamon to create my own unique blend. It goes down good, I am addicted to Starbucks as well and love those Latte’s… It helps keep me going throughout the day.

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It absolutely is draining. Its more than just “bro science” why boxing trainers historically have had their fighters avoid sex for months leading into title fights. Also, many yogic and other eastern disciplines link the loss of sexual fluids to the loss of vital essence. The bible also frowns upon the loss of vital essence, refering to it as spillung your seed. Unfortunately it is fighting a losing battle when your hormones are surging. Just shoot for moderation as anything done to an excess is controlling you.

Every organism is different, and as such, the outcome or reaction to any substance could/would be somewhat regular, but also definitely will be those reactions out of the “Gauss Bell” curve, and overreacting or having such a minimal reaction whatsoever.

The caffeine has a very valuable effect enhancing alertness (in a moderate quantity), as stimulation, but also in excess could be not so useful the effect.

So as a lot of things, the caffeine effect it is relative, and will be so regarding to the use one could have on this. To know our own organism could be of help to know if could be useful or not, and even, to know the proper quantity that our organism could take in the positive side of this.

We all react different. As an example if I drink coffee after six in the evening I have a hard time sleeping. But my wife can drink coffee one hour before going to Bed and she sleeps like a baby. For me any stimulant two hours prior to your meditation might hinder your ability to deeply relax. I find it hard to astral travel if I had too much caffeine in the hours prior to the session. The activation on your nervous systems due to caffeine tends to keep you grounded.

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